"Used Abbott Clinical Chemistry Analyzers"
by Block Scientific
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Used laboratory devices are widely preferred by many research facilities for their steady performance and affordable prices. The main advantage of used Abbott clinical chemistry analyzers is that they perform as efficiently as new models, while costing much lower.

Used Abbott Clinical Chemistry Analyzers - Ensuring Accurate Results Used Abbott clinical chemistry analyzers serve the needs of many medical and scientific research laboratories all over the world. These analyzers ensure accurate results in a wide range of tests for kidney disease, endocrine function, congenial disease, diabetes, fertility, hepatitis, STDs, thyroid, heart disease, rubella and cancer. Used Abbott clinical chemistry analyzers provide effective and precise results for assays including specific proteins, therapeutic drugs, hormones, toxic/abused drugs and clinical chemistries.

Used Abbott clinical chemistry analyzers are available in a variety of models to serve different applications. They come with innovative functionalities and specifications. The popular models available include Abbott AxSym, Abbott IMX, Abbott TDx and Abbott TDxFLx. The major features of the Abbott AxSym model clinical chemistry analyzer include:

* Throughput rate: ranges from 80 tests/hour up to 120-tests/hour average * Capability to add tests while the instrument is operating * Ability to run wide range of immuno-diagnostic tests at once * Reagents, controls, consumables may be available

Used Devices refurbished before Sale

Used models of clinical chemistry analyzers may not be defective all the time. However, distributors who sell used equipment to the laboratories do so only after testing the functioning of the device. If the equipment is in any way faulty, the equipment is put through a revamping process which is carried out by trained technicians. They see to it that the refurbishment is done to meet the manufacturer's specifications. Before recertification, the revamped devices are thoroughly checked to ensure dependable performance.

Renowned Suppliers for Additional Benefits

Several suppliers offer used and recertified models of laboratory equipment. To buy the appropriate model of used Abbott clinical chemistry analyzers with sufficient parts warranty and service contracts at competitive prices, research facilities should avail of the services of established dealers.

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Abbott Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

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