"Advantage and Disadvantage of online shopping"
by angela
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

At present, Internet penetration is growing rapidly, driven a lot of new industries, online shopping is the one of the most popular industries. The emergence of online shopping for customers to provide a lot of good friends, but everything is not perfect, there are online shopping some negative effects. Let's talk about the pros and cons of online shopping.

First,You don't need to go out for shopping and you can fully understand the products that you are interested in, including product appearance, specifications, parameters, function, price etc.Good sites will offer general information, should be said that through this information on a product we have a deep understanding. This reality shopping is almost impossible.We are not that nice saleswomen in those cramped in front of some or timid, embarrassed to ask to ask, asking questions? It is lucky if the saleswomen with a good attitude, but often consumers are not very good luck, think of it, you pay depends on what it's like someone else's face?

Online shopping also has a strong advantage is that many goods you can't buy in your real life.(At this point I have deep experience, often want to eat, wear, wear something unique feature when not readily available, and now we do not have the pursuit of individuality Well. The network has provided a good platform, you can travel around the world in the above wonderful items for everyone and I will provide a shopping platform in Xinjiang, hoping to meet no families to experience the unique charm that Xinjiang)Previously only in newspapers and magazines is to see how that editor, The problem is that editors often talk about the good! Oh, do you think so?

Another,online shopping has its disadvantages. First,Money or in kind prior to the intangible. Although the purchase before the performance features of this product price has been very well understood, but the intangible kind of total uncomfortable. I think this is the biggest online shopping an inconvenience. Picture, after all, is a picture, let alone now pictures can also be the "photo shop" to beautify it. That is why the saying goes, seeing is believing. (Powered honesty, what, that's the hope that the majority of customers actively monitoring. In your supervision, I hope this site will do it better and better, provide better services)

Second,payment is not convenient. While it is by bank transfer soon a lot of convenience than ever, it is after all a lot of face to face and slow payment is not convenient. But now the Internet has gradually become realistic and reliable payment, and to a large extent offset this deficiency. (Site supports Paypal, online shopping for the understanding of friends, this site recommends using Paypal, safe and secure. Of course, if you later in the shopping process on the site already has some credibility favor, they could transfer the money, save time and save trouble.)

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At present, Internet penetration is grow

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