"How To Choose The Right Phone Sex Company To Work for"
by Amber Rose
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

No matter if you've been in the phone sex business for a while or just starting out, knowing how to choose the right pso company to work for, if any, can be a daunting task. As a veteran, I've seen the industry evolve from a few stagnant "old school" lines, to the 900 and 976 boons, to a combination of mainly toll-free but also charge-to-telephone type of phone sex services. And let me tell you that although it may not seem so, how your customers are able to reach you and pay for your services does and will affect how much money you will make.

Seems like a no-brainer to some, but let's get real, how many of us who first start off as a pso really think about the payment details on the customers end? We're concerned with the payment details on our end correct? Naturally. However, if you're trying to choose or compare phone sex companies you need to take The following things into consideration:

What are your skills? (Or what do you think they are?) You may think phone sex is easy because you'll be talking about sex all the time, but I've got news for you. If the saying different strokes for different folks ever apply, it applies here! Maybe YOU think you could handle an adult baby diaper lover (ABDL) call, but would you really know what to say if the call lasts more than 5 minutes? Simply put, don't take on a task you don't want to do! **Do NOT sign up with a company who promotes extreme fetishes such as BDSM, Hypnotic Phone Sex, Infantilism, etc. if it repulses you or if you have no idea what it is or interest in learning about it. ** Do NOT join a ‘no-taboo' company if you have reservations about the topics you'll want to be discussing. No-taboo means that anything goes including but not limited to bestiality, rape fantasies, etc. Google-It! Do your homework on the companies you're looking at joining. Although you certainly can't believe everything that you read, good or bad, once you've done enough research you'll become very adept at picking through both the ‘fake' compliments and complaints, and be able to form your own opinion about a Company's reputation and if it's right for you. Look for companies who have clear contact information. Don't give out any personal information unless you feel comfortable and are ready to apply for the position. Try to apply to one company at a time just in case heaven forbid someone decides to use your personal information, at least you have a starting point. Take notes and make copies of everything that you submit and keep any and all e-mail correspondence. Avoid companies who want you to pay to join! This is nonsense, and 99 percent of the time this is a scam. Real phone actress and pso companies may be picky and slow about hiring, but they almost never ask you to pay to join them! Read and understand your duties and what is expected of you before you apply and definitely before you begin working. **If you the company requires you to troll or blog, etc. then know it and be prepared for it ahead of time Look for a company that will suit your schedule. ** Believe it or not, there are many phone sex companies who require a minimum amount of log-on hours per week, some per day. **Not all places are flexible, and some require you to work in blocks of time (i.e. 4 hr blocks) ** Some will also require you to work every weekend, or every other weekend, and some places might not require weekend work at all ** All of this is particularly important if you have a family or share a home with others whose timing may interfere with you being able to log-on to work. Know your pay scale AND schedule. This means you need to know how much and how often you'll be getting paid. Some companies will not tell you this until after you're application has been Approved to join their team, but as soon as you're able to, you should know if you're getting paid by the minute (and how much) or if you're getting paid by the hour (rare, but possible). Will you get paid weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or what?

And is there a minimum payout that you have to earn BEFORE your money is Distributed? Will you get paid by Direct Deposit, check-in-the-mail, Pay pal? And are there any fees associated with it?

Do all of the above with at LEAST three potential companies before settling on one. And don't let how much or how little money you can potentially make be your sole deciding factor. We've all be a victim in some point in time, one way or another, of falling for claims of quick riches. But don't make that mistake when becoming a phone sex operator. I've made the most money with some of the companies who were the lowest paying.

Just follow my suggestions, your instincts and gut and you'll do fine. And if you find that you don't like a particular company you've joined, you can always quit.

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Amber Rose offers tips to PSO's on how to keep their clients calling and generating new ones from her experience as once being one.

Amber Rose
Phone Sex
Site: http://havephonesex.com

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