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Many and I do mean many pso's have trouble holding a conversation with their clients over the phone. Phone sex talk isn't as easy as a lot of people think. It does I assure you involve a whole lot more than talking about sex over the phone.

Phone sex conversations require more than a sexy voice and a vivid imagination. For the simple reason that there is a whole lot that goes into sex talk and the reactions to it is phenomenal to say the least. Knowing how to steer your client into telling you what he/she would like is not always simple. Why because many have no idea what they want, all they know is they want to "Get Off" and then get off the phone.

Having that ability that it takes to converse with a caller does require you have a certain type of emotion and face it emotions can get a little messy at times. Knowing what to say and how to say and when to say it is the key to keeping a caller.

There are times when a caller will call for one thing and deviate to another subject, and when that happens you have to know how to steer him back or talk on the new subject so then you need another conversation start up.

When you start up the conversation try and keep the material matter on the fetish the caller is calling about this can be done by asking them what they like if they haven't told you in the beginning.

That gives you an idea of how to proceed; some will however give you a full blown description of their fetish. When callers are seductively questioned about what they like on the phone, it makes your job easier to repeat it back to him in an even more seductive way After having done that add in some expletives and some dirty talk and your conversation is rolling along.

Amber Rose is a former phone sex operator who uses her expertise to write phone sex scripts for current pso's.

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