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How to Kill Lice Immediately!

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You must learn how to kill lice immediately, as a head lice infestation can happen at any time, particularly to young kids who are in school. If your child is suffering from a lice infestation, be sure to keep some home remedies handy. This is so you will have a quick and effective treatment as soon as you detect lice on the head of your child.

There are various home remedies and commercial preparations that can help you kill head lice. Some products may be very effective. But, most of them are not. There are new treatments for head lice, but their effectiveness has not be proven yet. There are some lice treatments that have been used for ages now. Most of these are natural home remedies, which can be easily purchased at your local market or may even be available in your own home. Many older people know how to kill lice using home remedies.

There are various products that have been proven to be effective. These can include a chlorine treatment cycle, vinegar, dye, Lysol, Vaseline, alcohol, nits combs and over-the-counter medications. But, most people would prefer to learn how to kill lice using natural home remedies to avoid chemical side effects. These natural home remedies may include olive oil, tea tree oil, natural aloe shampoos and soaps, and other essential oils. These have all been proven to be effective and can kill lice immediately.

Here are some steps that you can follow to learn how to kill lice:

1. First and foremost, target the adult lice. You can do this by using a fine-toothed comb and dropping them into a bowl with alcohol to kill them immediately. You should know that lice do not jump nor fly, so they will not try to escape. Keep combing the hair in sections until you cannot find any more lice. You might also try smothering these pests with an essential oil and then combing them out the next morning.

2. The second and most tedious step is to get rid of the nits, or eggs. The eggs are attached to the hair shaft one quarter inch above the scalp. You can use vinegar to dissolve the gluey substance that enables these eggs to grip onto the hair. Then, comb the hair with a fine-toothed comb. Again, drop them in alcohol to prevent them from hatching.

3. Wash all personal belongings in boiling water, such as pillows and pillow cases, bed sheets, stuffed animals and hair accessories, to kill lice immediately. This will definitely kill the adults. As for the young ones, you can place the laundered items in a plastic bag and tie it shut for about 10 days to starve them.

4. Examine the hair of all family members for lice. As much as possible, have all members undergo the same treatment. This is to make sure that no one else is infected.

5. Teach your child not to lend their personal stuff, particularly their combs, to other children. This will prevent the spread of head lice. Be sure to check their hair every 10 days.

Learn how to kill lice naturally and apply it immediately!

Carl Anthony is a pediatric health care expert. If you want to know how to kill lice the safest and most effective way, including natural home remedies to kill nits and lice, go check out for more advice.

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