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How To Overcome the "I'm Not Interested" Objection

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One of the most common brush-off's inside sales reps get all day long is the "I'm not interested" response from prospects they are cold calling (or even calling back). The reason this is so common is because it works! Most sales reps - 80 percent -- haven't a clue how to deal with it, and so prospects can get rid of that 80 percent and go about their day.

The Top 20 percent, however, have proven an effective scripted responses that allow them to sidestep this and other objections and that allows them to actually pitch their products or services. Here's one of the ways they deal with the "I'm not interested" brush off.

First, before I give you the script, you have to understand why it works -- prospects get a lot of sales calls, and they have to say that they aren't interested or else they'd never get anything done! So the way to deal with this is by first acknowledging that they get a lot of these kinds of calls. And that is why the following script is so effective.

You see, the problem 80 percent of your competition is making is that they try to bulldoze their way into their pitch. They are so afraid they are going to get blown off that they just the barrel through, never acknowledging or connecting with their prospects. This turns prospects off (how would you like it?) and elicits the reflex response, "I'm not interested".

Here's what to say to act like a Top 20 percent sales professional, and how to connect with and earn the right to present your product or service.

"I'm not interested"

"I understand _________ and I'm sure you get a lot of these kinds of calls don't you? Well I do too, and believe me I don't like getting them anymore than you do. But I'll tell you, every now and then I listen to one because it turns out to be something really good that ends up benefiting me -- and this is one of those calls for you today.

Let me ask you one thing (now ask about a problem you know they are having -- briefly - and ask them how much your solution to that problem would mean to them)

Using this technique allows you to connect with your prospects, sidestep their initial resistance, generate real interest, and qualify -- all with one sentence. Not bad, huh?

Use this for the rest of this week and watch your results completely change for the better. The bottom line is that Top 20 percent sales performance is easier than you think as long as you are using the right scripts and techniques.

Want to sell more with less rejection over the phone? Download the free Special Report, "Ten Techniques to Instantly Become a Better Closer".

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