"383 Stroker Crate Engine, A High Performance Engine For Your Car"
by Md Nazmul Huq
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It is an agreed fact that engine is the heart of a vehicle. If it does not work, the vehicle will not move. You should consider many aspects while you choose an engine. Makes, cubic inches, horsepower, torque, carbureted or fuel injected and many other aspects must be considered to decide on the engine. You should also consider if you need a shopbuilt or crate motor or the engine that is taken out of another vehicle and so on. But, mostly, experts agree in unison that you should go for shopbuilt or crate engine only.

When you want to fit high performance engines for your racing cars, you can only think of the 383 stroker crate engine. With a high horsepower of 510, this is one of the best performing engines. Its performance can be manipulated to the level of 600 horsepower. Such a possibility of manipulating the power makes this engine a unique one. If you want to increase the performance of this engine further, you should use the combined effect of a correct transmission and stall speed converter.

If you want a high RPM, that is also available in this engine because the RPM of this engine is around 7000. You have brass freeze plugs both on the engine and on the street camshaft. Tie back mechanical roller lifters and dart performance premium aluminum cylinder heads are fitted to this engine. The year of the manufacture of the vehicle can be determined by looking at the cylinder heads. This can also be confirmed by looking at the suffix code that is stamped on the engine during assembly. If you want to custom design your engine, by knowing the year from the cylinder heads and suffix code from the engine, you can ensure that the parts used are original.

You should ensure to use a strong material for making the parts needed for assembling so that your 383 stroker crate engine serves you for a long period. You can get the parts assembled by competent dealers so that you can get a warranty. The warranty can be not less than one year. You can get a mileage warranty also. Other features of this engine should be a polished aluminum oil pan, 7/16 screw in studs, hardened guide plates and stainless steel roller rockers. The durability of a 383 stroker crate engine is enhanced with chrome valver covers and air cleaners. Whatever vehicle on which you fit this engine will give you unlimited mileage and extreme power but this can happen only if you ensure that the right engine parts are used.

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383 stroker crate engine for sale

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