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Vehicle Parking Laws Of Las Vegas To Assure Appropriate Traffic Flow

by Mary Dezfoli
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When enforcing Las Vegas Parking Laws, the city known for all of its lights and glitter has gone green and computerized. The Detention and Enforcement Parking Enforcement Unit is given all the tools necessary to ensure its mission of keeping the downtown traffic keeps flowing smoothly by making sure the general public parking spaces are used in-accordance-with city ordinances. The foregoing is to ensure the public, business owners and the huge tourist industry are allowed the utilization of best parking space areas downtown.

Las Vegas Parking Laws Enforcement Officers use portable, hand held computers when issuing parking violations. Tickets are produced as well as stored immediately. This has eliminated the space needed to store hard copies of issued tickets and allows the Hearing Officers immediate access to one's files. The Unit, along with volunteers from the Police Department, track and strictly enforce the Handicap Parking spaces. With the huge elderly tourist visiting Las Vegas, it is critical to businesses that these spaces are used for who they are intended for.

To keep one in-line with Las Vegas Parking Laws, Patrons of parking spaces are now able to buy a Cash Key to pay the meters. Every time the card is swiped into the meter twenty-five cents is credited. A person can purchase of up to six hundred dollars of credit onto the card. To pay for parking violations, you can pay on-line with a credit or debit card; pay in person 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday; or mail in a check or money order to the City of Las Vegas 400 Stewart Avenue 6th Floor, Las Vegas NV 89101. At you can get the Hearing Request Form, along with instructions if you want to dispute the claim and appear in front of a Hearing Office.

The Parking Enforcement Unit uses mountain bikes, bicycles with electric motors and recently incorporated alternate gas vehicles into its fleet as it goes green, to remove air pollution and energy expenditures. With the bicycles, it allows them greater maneuverability in a lot of Las Vegas congested downtown area. This has improved the enforcement of the

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