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How to Stop Gynecomastia

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Gynecomastia, also referred to as man boobs or male breasts, is the buildup of adipose tissue on the chest which leads to the formation of breasts in men. It can bring about physical deformity, discomfiture, and social anxiousness. Methods which can be used to treat gynecomastia and diminish the look of male breasts are as follow:

1. You should stop the intake of human growth hormone and steroids if you are taking any of them to treat this problem. Prohibited drugs can also lead to this condition. Pep pill or sedative drugs which fall under ganja and diacetylmorphine can raise the formation of male breasts.

2. Reduce the quantity of fat you consume to the recommended amount for men if you want to stop your gynecomastia naturally. The percentage of salubrious fat men that below the age of 25 should take ranges from 8 to 20 percent while men whose age ranges from 25 to 60 should take 10 to 22 percentage of healthy fat. Men who are over the age of 60 should maintain a healthy body fat level of 13 to 25 percent. You should endeavor to stay on the lower end of this standard so as to reduce the look of your gynecomastia. One way to know what your body fat weighs is to visit the gym center or a hospital and make use of body fat calipers to do it.

3. Consume fat burning supplements to stop this condition. The type of fat burning pills you should take for this condition are namely 5g of l-glutamine, 150 to 350 mcg of chromium, 450 mg to 3 g of l-carnitine,, 150 to 350 mg of chromium and 2 to 30 g of l-arginine. You can buy the above named amino acids from a health food store and consume them individually. You can also buy a fat burning supplement which contains all of these amino acids inside it.

Gynexin is a gynecomastia reduction supplement which you can take to reduce your man boobs. It is among the most effective means to reduce gynecomastia which does work. Check it out at Gynexin Review

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