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Do you know what you like? Do you know what is right for you? Brian Tracy says that it is important to know what is right for yourself before you think of what is possible. Do you know what brings you joy? If you do know, how often do these things show up in your life? Do you plan for them?

It is interesting--and powerful--to focus your attention on what you want in life...experiences you wish to repeat, attributes you wish to develop, goals you wish to reach and, fulfilling ways to spend your time and energy. When you keep your mind, time and energy on these things, there is little time for anything else--and the "anything else" fades away!

At this time of year it is traditional to decide on next year's priorities. Do this very carefully. Make it a balanced plan with desires in each area of your life to move your physical, social, educational, financial, mental, emotional and spiritual self forward. Once you have decided on the priorities, assign a daily, weekly, monthly or annual amount of time for each that will satisfy you. This is important. There is no right answer.

What will cause you to feel good about yourself when you do it? It can be different for different people. Some folks want to run a marathon and that is what they mean when they are planning to improve their exercise program. That will take more time than for a person who wants to increase their time doing weight-bearing exercise to prevent osteoporosis. Know what your goal is and why. That will help you assign the appropriate amount of time to each priority.

Make sure that your goals are "do-able". Build in success this way. Make them very specific, measurable and time-bounded. Your mind can capture a goal that says, "I will lose ten pounds by March 1 by eliminating ice-cream from my diet and walking three miles three times a week", whereas it has difficulty understanding "I am eating less and exercising more." Be specific.

Often, there are many things undone in our lives. Things we wish we had done, things we know are always sitting at the back of our minds draining our energy. These are ‘energy leaks’. You know the “(Expletive) I still haven’t ___________yet!” that hits you while you’re waiting for a red light to change. It’s a ‘leak’!

Here is a process that I find amazingly effective. Complete this PERSONAL INTEGRITY CHECKLIST to start your year with no energy ‘leaks’. Become a free member of our site and download it at members/1/tools/pic.htm Clearing away your energy leaks is a good preparation for being successful with your new plan. ALWAYS REMEMBER----WHAT YOU PAY ATTENTION TO EXPANDS!

© Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, Founder & Director, The Optimize! Institute, Escondido, CA All rights reserved. **************************************** Expert facilitator, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, makes it easier to talk about difficult things. As an international speaker, facilitator, author and coach, she works with organizations, executives & entrepreneurs who want to master the ‘people skills’ that grease the wheels of business & life. Visit her website for ezines, teleseminars, books & CDs, free articles, online community, and a half-hour free coaching consultation.

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Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, a noted international speaker and author, is the founder of the Optimize! Institute, and Your Spiritual Home, a worldwide center for Practical Spirituality & Everyday Myth. Her mission is "To uplift, inspire and motivate people worldwide to find joy, peace and success on their own terms". She is the author of Optimize Your Day: Practical Wisdom for Optimal Living and Wrestling Rhinos: Conquering Conflict in the Wilds of Work, as well as many other books and audio programs.

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