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How To Survive Your Call Center Job

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There are so many known health hazards to being a call center agent. The most common examples include bad posture, sleep deprivation and increased blood pressure.

Some agents also experience a change in their biological clocks due to the late night and early morning shifts. Aside from the physical health being at risk, the emotional condition of a person is also in danger.

The call center environment is by far one of the most stressful working environments in the professional world. A person with very low tolerance will not be able to withstand the pressure to meet the quota for the day and the emotional torture brought about by instances of harassment by some callers.

A call center agent can help survive the trade by following a few simple pieces of advice. First, it is important to not be hungry during working hours. Experts suggest eating at least six times a day, and eating before the feeling of hunger actually increases irritability and impatience. However, the call center business is very hectic because every call is important. Missing one call may mean missing a potential buyer. The best thing to do is to learn the art of multitasking.

Another concern of a call center agent is to know the effective way to stay awake and alert. If you are working the night shift, you need to adjust your biological clock way before you start working. This enables you to adjust to the demands of staying up late without suffering the consequences. You can also prepare aromatics around your desk like lemons and coffee beans. Aromatics are a great way to stay awake during working hours. Limit your coffee to two cups a day. High caffeine intake can lead to caffeine addiction. Besides, increased exposure to caffeine can make you immune to its effects.

When it comes to maintaining a good posture, make sure you buy a good back support tool like pillows. Some call center businesses allow their employees to bring their own chairs to work. However, make sure that you do not get too comfortable. Otherwise, you will fall asleep on the job. It is also good to practice a few simple exercises. During break time, you can do a little stretching to loosen up nerves and to prevent back strain. The best way to survive in a job is to enjoy and have fun.

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