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How I received $1000 Cash Advance Loan (With only $500 a Month Income)

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How I received $1000 Cash Advance Loan (With only $500 a Month Income)

Here is how I was able to take out a Cash Advance Loan to cover my expense with my $500 bucks monthly income. The best way to do this is have relatives or family member help. I have one of my family members with a good credit and higher monthly income to borrow the money and in return agree to help them pay back the loan. Here is the catch; most fees for a payday loan are $25.00 per $100.00 borrowed, with the A.P.R. ranging from 304.17 percent to 1303.57 percent. Please refer to Fee Schedule for more information about lenders rates. A borrower may rescind their loan and pay back the money borrowed without any fees by requesting a rescission by 5pm CST the business day after receiving the loan.

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When you apply for a Cash Advance loan, you authorize the lender to directly deposit the approved amount into your account. You also authorize them to directly withdraw from your account on your next payday for the same amount advanced, plus their fee.

Things to consider when borrow.

All loans are due on your next payday, unless your next payday is less than 7 days away. In this case your check will be held until your second payday. The maximum payday cash loan is 31 days. If you are unable to pay your loan in full on the due date, you can pay an amount at least enough to cover interest earned to extend your loan until the next payday. If you are granted an extension, a minimum of $25 per $100 borrowed will be drafted from you account. Please note that we can only allow four (4) extensions. The loan may not be rolled over beyond ten (10) weeks after the day on which the deferred deposit loan is executed. IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED FOR AN EXTENSION YOU MUST CONTACT US 2 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE YOUR LOAN IS DUE.

So in my case I borrow $1000 and the cost to pay back is $1250. The $250 is the fee the lender charge + the $1000 which = $1250. I have agree to pay them back the full amount that they borrow for me in a longer period say couple month or maybe more with on interest. My family time pays the entire fee and the full loan for me and built good credit.

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Please only do this if your family or relatives agree to it. In my opinion you should have a written agreement to pay them in full and how long it will take you to repay. If they have the money and just borrow it to you that is a great way also.

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