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Whats The Average Number Of Times A Smoker Tries To Quit?

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Do smokers want to know how many times it takes to quit smoking? Understanding the number of times it takes to finally give up smoking or the number of tries that it will take is important. Let me explain what this information can actually do for you. It actually serves the purpose of setting you up to be confident as you approach the date when you decide to quit smoking. When you understand on the amount of time it could take you to quit, it will help prevent you from feeling a failure in the event that it takes you more than a single try. This is so very important, because most people feel as if they just cannot quit after failing the first time.

The majority of people to be honest to themselves usually take at least two attempts to successfully quit smoking. While most people would love to be able to quit after a single attempt, it is usually two attempts minimum that most smokers have success. You might wonder exactly why two attempts are necessary but the answer is really simple. For the most part the first time people start trying to quit they have an attitude that tells them it is very simple. This tends to find most smokers completely off guard, especially since it is not as easy to quit smoking as you might imagine.

Breaking the addiction to nicotine is not easy, nor is it something that can always be done in a single attempt. Your chances of success without a friend or program lowers your chances of success. Smokers find it easier to get some sort of help when trying to quit smoking, it has proven most helpfull. This is the main reason why it usually takes a minimum of two attempts to stop smoking. No matter how many attempts you may try, it is best to plan to quit for good anytime you attempt to quit.

Being aware of how difficult it really is to quit smoking is quite significant. If you are aware of the challenges you will be in a much better position because you will have the ability to create a plan to help you quit. Knowing the challenges that you face will also allow you to create a plan that is suitable based upon the precise reason that you smoke. An example is if seem to light up due to stress you should understand what is causing the stress and look for ways to avoid it.

Prepare that plan with a lot of thought and you may even succeed in quitting smoking the very first time you try. Not having a plan before you even attempt to quit will increase the chances that it takes several tries to be successful. Creating a plan to help you stop smoking is not impossible, it merely means you need to be able to identify the problems that you could experience in your attempt to quit smoking. This means if you simply sit down and create a plan to help you deter temptations and also avoid potential problems you will have a much better success rate.

Having a brain moment and deciding that now is the time to quit can generally create a problems. When you create your plan, take your time, think it over a few times, this will help you stop for good. Taking advantage of these small details in the plan that you create can go a very long way towards ensuring that you are ultimately successful. Just be certain that all of the small details of your plan are well organized. This means you really need to keep your confidence up, feeling as if you will not be successful can leave you creating a lot of problems. Avoiding problems is very important to ensure that you are able to quit with as few attempts as possible.

Doug Grahame. After trying pills, potions, patches, hypnotherapy even acupuncture, I was given a DVD by Elliott Wald who explains the two reasons why smokers have so much trouble giving up smoking. Watch a 4 minute video that will explain those two reasons.

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