lahmacun tarifihamur isi yemekler">

"Lahmacun Tarifi"
by Alexander Yemektats
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

Ev Lahmacunu Tarifi Malzemeler: 1. 2 adet f?r?ndan ald???n?z ekmek hamuru, 2. 1 kase k?yma, 3. 2'?er tane domates ve so?an, 4. 4 tane sivribiber, 5. Yar?m ka??k domates salças?, 6. 1 ka??k su, 7. 1 bardak s?v?ya??, 8. Biraz un, 9. Tuz, karabiber. Yap?l???: , , , , , , hamur yemekleri

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Alexander Yemektats

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Lahmacun Tarifi

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