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Qualities of a good receptionist

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A receptionist is an organization's employee charged with among other duties, receiving visitors - responding to their inquiries and giving appropriate directions. In the office, the receptionist is usually stationed in a waiting area such as a lobby or front office desk. In today's era of elusive job opportunities, the position of a receptionist has become competitive. Albeit that the job qualifications differ from one organization to another, the degree certificate is fast becoming a minimum requirement. That the receptionist is the first business contact person, and therefore the organization's image is common knowledge. This explains why beyond possessing theoretical classroom qualifications, he/she must also have an interest, hands on job experience and other practical skills. Image, in the sense of good physical grooming and excellent communications skills, is an important qualification for a receptionist. While some organizations do not mind their receptionists donning decent casual attire, the official dress code is usually a requisite across many organizations. Since the receptionist's job profile includes receiving and making phone calls, as well as taking notes, for instance on the days activities - good communication and writing skills are necessary. Besides a charming, interpersonal personality, he/she should have the ability to sustain pressure, and the tactics to handle all categories of people. At the backdrop of the global technological society, an up-to-date receptionist should be computer literate. IT proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and other database applications is considered the basic minimum requirement for receptionists in many giant organizations. Having the ability to multi-task positions the receptionist a notch higher. Away from the traditional reception duties, he/she should posses the knowledge to perform other duties in the line of the organization. For instance, in an entrepreneurial setup, a receptionist can also act as a cashier, by collecting payments. Virtue of his/her work, the receptionist is able to access classified organization's information. The importance of safeguarding the organization's secret information cannot be gainsaid, and a good receptionist must maintain high confidentiality. Hiring a good receptionist can be expensive but greatly improves the image and efficacy of one's business. Where a business needs to keep its costs low, it can consider using professional receptionist services found in serviced offices such as Genius Executive Centre.


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