"Relevance of Project Management in changing business environment "
by Nitesh Ranjan Bharti
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Organizations world over are facing a daunting challenge by ever changing business environment. As boundaries within regions, states, and countries are diminishing the project scope and need are changing now and then. By virtue globalization and emergence of virtual organization project management has indeed gained lot of importance. These changes will originate from changes in the user requirements and/or difficulties in realizing the user specification in practice. The project manager should only initiate if the evaluation indicates that the proposed change would have a significant effect on the overall project in terms of finance, scheduling, or the eventual effect on the project's service or product.

Now days professionals are increasingly expected to be skilled at the principles of project management as an add on to their other skills. In a fast paced working environment, professionals need to adapt to the new technology to help streamline their projects. Not only project managers have to become more creative but also expand his dimension of thoughts and ways of managing risks, resources and deliverables regardless where the project is being implemented or the project resources are from. These global opportunities confront and challenge a Project Manager's old ways and morphing him to grow and affect overall project delivery.

As the things have changed the new project manager is rightly called as the global Project manager. The face of Project Management does not look like what it was as it has undergone many cosmetic surgeries. In the wake of these changes and development for a professional to get his PMP certification is the need of the hour. PMP certification from PMI USA is amongst the most popular competency development certification for project managers.

AstroWix provides a golden opportunity for the professionals to attain PMP certification in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. AstroWix is a well established company in the field of PMP training in Mumbai and Delhi with a vastly experienced team of trainers with a track record of delivering competency development program to more than 60000 professionals on project management. With having served to more than 250 Fortune 500 companies AstroWix is the name to reckon in the field of project management training in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmadabad, etc.

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Relevance of Project Management in changing business environment

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