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How to Protect Your Outdoor Sign

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There are many important decisions in the process of creating outdoor signs. The grade of material you choose is important because it will determine the durability and longevity of your sign.

What is a material grade, anyway?

First, you chose a type of sign material for your signage — aluminum, acrylic, etc. Now it's time choose the grade of material. The grade of material describes to the level of color protection on your outdoor sign. All of our sign materials are of excellent quality and will most often outlast the vinyl graphics on your sign, despite the grade you choose.

This is because our sign materials are made to last a long time. For example, aluminum will last decades. But the pigments in the vinyl graphics that are laid on your sign material will naturally fade with time, the sun and other elements. This is why we offer the added protection of high quality grades.

So what are my options?

We offer three grades of material at TheSignChef *Economy *Standard *Premium

Each grade of material is rated for durability. You'll pick your grade depending on how long you'd like your sign to last.

Economy Grade signs are uncoated and rated to last up to three years outdoors. You should choose economy grade if your sign is not for permanent use or if you need to change the design on your sign often. With economy grade, you are relying only on the strength of the pigments in the vinyl graphics. If you're willing to replace or get rid of your outdoor signage after three years, choose economy grade.

Standard Grade signs are coated in scratch resistant, clear Dura—Shield UV Protective Laminate and rated to last up to five years outdoors. Standard Grade is right for you if you want more protection against the elements and you'd like more durability.

Premium Grade signs are coated in Premium Grade 3M UV Protective Laminate and rated to last six to eight years outdoors. They have maximum protection and endure extreme temperatures very well. Premium grade is right for you if you're looking for a more permanent outdoor sign and the maximum level of durability.

If you're still not sure what grade of material to use...

Consider only how long you want your sign to last. The other stuff isn't as important.

...Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Our sign specialists are pleased to help you determine what grade best fits your needs. We're here to help!

To learn more about outdoor signs, Mr. Parker invites you to check out, where "Signs with Class are Delivered Fast." TheSignChef is constantly developing free-to-use sign design software, outdoor signage decision-making tools, and How-To videos to make your metal sign buying experience efficient and your new custom signs effective.

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