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Why men cheat, the most common reason

Why men cheat on women by
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It's a sad fact that many men cheat on their spouses. It is estimated that 1 in 3 men have or will cheat on their wives, that number climbs to 1 in 5 for unmarried men cheating on their girlfriends. There are several reasons for men cheating on there wives or significant other.

Most women think that the reason for their man's infidelity, is a lust for a more attractive, slimmer, younger, sexier woman. They are partially right, men do lust other women, (as do women lust other men). That's one of the 7 deadly sins and it's been going on since the beginning of time, and will continue until the end of time.

But lust is usually not the common reason for men cheating on their significant other. The lack of attention and admiration at home is the most common reason for a man's infidelity. Men CRAVE attention and admiration. When a man does not feel admired at home, his resistance to lust become's weak.

Men do not pursue other women to intentionally cheat on their spouse. But if a man is not getting the attention and admiration he craves for his spouse, he is more aware of any attention that another woman is showing him. The more attention this other woman shows him, the more receptive he is to it, until finally his resistance to lust is overwhelmed by his need for attention and admiration.

When a man feels admiration from his spouse, and is getting the attention he craves. He does not want to lose that love, admiration, attention, and trust. So he becomes immune to his lustful thoughts. He is still going to have lustful thoughts, but if he is getting the love, admiration, attention, and trust he craves at home. He will keep his lustful thoughts in check elsewhere.

Monogamy is crucial for a healthy, happy, and lasting relationship. And this article is not to condole infidelity for any reason. In most cases though, a man cheating on his significant other, can usually be prevented simply by showing your man how much you admire and adore him. Make him feel needed, and appreciated. Brag about his accomplishments, don't leave the door open for someone else to show him the attention that he want's from you.

Attention and admiration is what your man craves from you. show him that he has it from you, and he won't feel the need to get it elsewhere.

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