"Canadian Pharmacy Delivery Problems? Reliability of Canadian Pharmacies"
by Jack Gordon
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Many Canadian pharmacy online customers were frustrated from November 2010 through January 2011 when their preferred Canadian pharmacies suffered from slow, or in some cases, even no deliveries.

Canadian pharmacies, like all other online businesses which rely on the mail, were affected by two things. First online Canadian pharmacy shipments were delayed due to changes in security protocols for sending international mail due to the toner bomb scare. Second, Canadian pharmacies were dealing with terrible weather in both the United States and Europe which ground many flights carrying Canadian drugs and international medicines. This compounded the standard Customs delays for all mail parcels, including those from a Canadian online pharmacy, that are experienced due to the rush of holiday packages entering the USA.

But this was out of the ordinary for Canadian pharmacies online. Usually, your Canadian pharmacy online order should be received within 7 to 18 business days. Nevertheless, we recommend ordering from a Canadian pharmacy that offers a shipping guarantee of some sort and it is always a good idea to order 4-6 weeks in advance from a Canadian online pharmacy just to be safe.

Other things to look for other than speed of delivery of the Canadian pharmacies you are considering are CIPA certification, buySAFE protection, TRUSTe privacy and Shopper Approved Canadian pharmacy online customer reviews.

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