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SkateHut -- Now Adds MADD gear Pro Scooters To Their Large Stock of Scooters

by SkateHut
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SkateHut ( named as the "UK's No. 1 Online Skate Shop' by Experian Hitwise, is pleased to announce that they are now stocking a large range of MADD gear Pro scooters. These have been added to the already large range of scooters, scooters parts, skateboards and all related skating products the company already distribute.

MADD gear Pro scooters are one of the most sought after scooters by the skate community as attention to competitive detail is second to none. Originating in Australia, the MADD gear Pro range has developed a brand that provides outstanding performance to both the novice and experienced skater. The MADD brand brings huge embellishments that are rarely found in lesser competitors including:-

* One piece bat wing bars * Bamf slide in braking systems * High adhesion grip bars * High quality Krunk K-2 bearings * Oversized collar clamps

Team MADD gear Pro is currently formed by leading skating prodigies Daniel Avery, Graham Kimbell, Luke Painter, Terry Price and Robin Wass to name but a few of the skating luminaries making MADD gear Pro scooters their preferred scooter setup.

SkateHut's own team member, Aussie Jake Chevalier leads the way in extolling the virtues of the MADD brand with a MADD gear pro deck. Born, bred and living in Australia, Jake has the distinctive edge of having the MADD brand on his doorstep.

Riders can buy complete MADD scooters or can customise their decks with the large range of bearing, bars, grips, decks, clamps and forks currently offered by SkateHut. Full blown MADD setups or custom hybrids are here now and for the taking.


SkateHut was established in 2007, as a family run business specialising in the popular brand, Heelys. The business expanded quickly, taking on a range of brands and products, including Santa Cruz skateboards, Renner Skateboards, Micro scooters, JD Bug Scooters, Razor electric scooters, Redline BMX bikes, Vans shoes, adult and kids clothing, and more.

The online retailer also has a stylish shop front connected to its huge product warehouse, and the retail store features unique themed interiors and specialist street artwork. SkateHut are continually adding to their range of skateboards and scooters and have recently added MADD gear Pro to their selection.


SkateHut Unit 2, Block 2 Shenstone Trading Estate Halesowen Birmingham B63 3XB 0121 501 1111 SkateHut

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