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Making Your Own Maternity Support Belts

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Women commonly experience back pain during pregnancy. Since medication is not allowed during pregnancy, ob-gynecologists recommend maternity support undergarments to help ease the pains and discomfort a woman goes through at this stage. One of the widely used support undergarments is the maternity belt.

Maternity belts and bands can be purchased in baby stores and maternity boutiques. They come in different styles, colors, sizes, and materials. Some are made from cotton while others are made from elastic materials. All the same, they aim to support the weight of the belly and alleviate backache.

If you want to personalize your maternity bands and belts, you can do this easily on your own. All you need are a sewing machine, thread, pins, measuring tape, wide elastic of your desired length, and hook-and-loop fastener. The size of your elastic band will depend on the circumference of your belly, and its color will depends on your preference as well.

First, measure the circumference of your belly at its largest part using the measuring tape. Add at least five inches to accommodate further growth and to add space for the fastener. Cut the elastic to that size and length. Make sure that you consider your own comfort, as maternity support belts that are too fit might just cause more pain while those that are too loose will not serve their support purpose.

With the hook-and-loop fastener, you can adjust the fit of your homemade pregnancy belly support belts. Sew one piece of it on one side of the elastic and fasten the second piece on the opposite side temporarily with a pin. Try the belt on and adjust the second hook-and-loop fastener to the place where it fits best. It is also necessary to ensure that the front and back fasteners are aligned. Sew the second piece to complete your personalized support band.

Some women will need more pregnancy back support than others. If you are one of these women, you may buy a wider elastic and make your own support belts following the same process. Afterwards, sew both pieces together along the long edges. You will then have a wider maternity support belt that can give you the support you need for your back and growing belly.

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