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HARRP and Earthquakes

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HARRP and Earthquakes 2010 is starting out with powerful earthquakes and other expressions of nature that are causing disasters for thousands of people around the globe. Could these disasters of earthquakes, and other powerful weather occurrences be natural, or could the sinister control freaks of the New World Order be manipulating these disasters with their advanced "secret" technology? Antarctica.

On Antarctica, an ice-glacier block, the size of Oahu of Hawaii broke away and is now drifting. The scientists are perplexed over the occurrence. Oahu may not be the biggest island of Hawaii, but it is a huge size of land ; if you have visited then you will comprehend the immense size the ice-glacier block. A Storm Called Xynthia.

In Western Europe a storm, called "Xynthia", blew into France early Sunday with hurricane-force winds, flooding ports, destroying homes and leaving 1 million households without electricity. It also battered Belgium, Portugal, Spain and parts of Germany and snarled train and air travel throughout the continent. About 60 people have died and the cost 3 million Euro's of emergency aid from the disaster.

Note: Hurricane force winds hitting France from the Atlantic seacoast? The Snow in the US Northeast.

Major snow blizzards in the northeast of the United States are occurring this winter, the northeast experienced a 3rd major snow storm. Some residents of long island have commented that they have never experience a harsh winter as this year. They are calling the current snow storm in New York the biggest and deadliest snowstorm and using the unofficial terminology as a "Snow Hurricane" or a "Snowicane". Two feet in the cities and up three feet of snow in the suburbs around New York state is the report. Two Major Earthquakes!

Two major earthquakes disasters occurred within only five weeks of each other. It is very difficult not to speculate if at least one was manipulated by using HARRP.

The Haiti Earthquake claimed around 230,000 deaths and millions homeless and improvised people remain on the streets. Anybody who deeply researches the foul play and false flags of the situation will learn the evil intent of the western greedy vision of Haiti. After all Bill Clinton did call it "An Equal Opportunity Disaster". And now, to add to the disaster, flood rains are occurring. They are saying the rainy season is beginning three weeks early.

And now, another powerful earthquake of 8.8 on the richter scale hits Chile, the same area where the most powerful earthquake in the world occurred in 1960 hitting the scale at 9.2. The conspiracy theorists are rolling the dice by combining the earthquake and technology of HARRP. The news is filled with advertising the "looters" who are desperate to "just survivor" the tragedy; thousands of troops are heading to the devastated area. I wonder if they are bringing food? From the news articles it sounds like for security only. It's a strange world, the slowness of aid seems to always be tied up with red tape. Hurricane Katrina is a fine example.

* About two million Chileans are believed to have been affected by Saturday's earthquake, the seventh most powerful on record and the worst disaster to befall Chile in 50 years. * About 1.5 million homes in Chile have been damaged. * Only 723 as of today are counted as dead, very low compared to Haiti.

NASA is reporting that the 8.8 earthquake might have shifted the earth axis slightly with the effect of shortening the day. Richard Gross, a geophysicist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California determined that the quake should have moved the Earth's figure axis about 3 inches (8 centimeters). The figure axis is one around which the Earth's mass is balanced. That shift in the axis is what might shortened days.

There has been more earthquakes in the world in the first two months of 2010: Haiti, Argentina, Venezuela, Eureka, California, north of Chicago, Japan, and Chile, maybe this is an indication of a trend, but not a positive one. Was there a moment in World history where we had so many large earthquakes within such a short period of time? Is there any documentation of such a frequency of quakes as the one the World has seen this year in 2010, and with so many large quakes in a two month period?

In PELLUHUE Chile, a tsunami Slammed the coast in three waves, surging 200 meters (yards) into this Pacific Ocean resort town. Notice the height, the size of two football fields. A bus or tourists were trying to outrun the waves and it got trampled from the large walls of water. The Difference in Propaganda relating to the Earthquake Disasters.

Interesting of how the propaganda is different between the two earthquakes of Chile and Haiti; the cries of blaming "god" haven't been sounding compared the propaganda of Haiti. Maybe the Sun Worshiping Christian, Pat Robertson, was wrong about the Voodoo of Haiti and "a pact with the devil". I guess Chile is too "Christian" as to have "God" mad at them, but where is God? Indeed that is not a theme of propaganda for Chile?

Have you ever wondered how the governments of the world can live high on their greedy horse, but when a disaster strikes the leaders are very slow at providing the basic needs? People trapped in a disaster area need food, water, and some basic shelter. It is said that many of Concepcion's 500,000 inhabitants are short of food are experiencing their water and electricity supplies cut off from the powerful earthquake. Disaster Preparation Advice:

If your a person who lives a normal life and stuck where you live--referring to a non-nomad lifestyle--you might want prepare yourself so you can survive without electricity. A camp gas stove and fuel is essential; stock up on dry food such as rice and lentils; have a supply of water in your house; if you live in a cold region in the winter, you might want to figure out you will be able to stay warm without electricity.

An excellent place to browse is, or better yet, order a catalog. This company produces excellent equipment for camping which will be an asset in a survival situation.

The situations of these disasters could be natural, or they could be from the technology of HARRP. It is a subject that is very difficult to prove for an onlooker.

What is HARRP?

Have you ever created a small little tornado with a glass jar? I have.

The idea behind Weather Control is simple, when you think about it simply. When you see and experience a strong thunderstorm, with a lot of lightening and thunder, what fact about this storm strikes you the most? Are you not impressed by the powerful display of energy that you witness? Energy is the primary ingredient behind nature's storms. Therefore, you must believe that, just perhaps, if energy is the most dominant outward factor in all kinds of storms, then energy might be the key factor in creating such storms in the first place. alaska,mountains The $30 million [Pentagon] project, euphemistically named HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), is made to beam more than 1.7 gigawatts (billion watts) of radiated power into the ionosphere--the electrically charged layer above Earth's atmosphere. Put simply, the apparatus is a reversal of a radio telescope--just transmitting instead of receiving. It will ‘boil the upper atmosphere'. After [heating] and disturbing the ionosphere, the radiations will bounce back onto the earth in for form of long waves which penetrate our bodies, the ground and the oceans.

Dr. Begich explains this concept quite clearly: this invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the Earth's atmosphere at strategic locations and to maintain the power injection level, particularly if random pulsing is employed, in a manner far more precise and better controlled than heretofore accomplished by the prior art . . . the goal is to learn how to manipulate the ionosphere on a more grand scale than the the Soviet Union could do with its similar facilities. HAARP would be the largest ionospheric heater in the world, located in a latitude most conducive to putting Eastlund's invention into practice. Furthermore, from this northern latitude, the energy could be aimed into the ionosphere so that it would bounce back down to the earth so it would come down wherever the scientists wanted it to come down. The secret was to learn how and where to aim it to hit the earth where they wanted it to hit, creating the type of disaster or weather they desired.

In a nutshell, this is the nucleus of the expertise technology recently acquired to control the weather. By pouring measured energy that has been focussed into certain parts of the ionosphere, scientists can create all kinds of storms like hurricanes, thunderstorms, floods, tornadoes, and drought.

Could it be believable or more deception? Could part of the deception be that it is true about HARRP?

Sounds like some Science Fiction movie, and most people will disengage from the thought that the governments (mostly the United States) can control the weather. A huge majority of the population still dogmatically believes that the leaders of the world are the "good guy". Well, the deception is powerful and will become much more powerful as the New World Order progresses to meeting their god the Antichrist. It is time for each person to wake up and start deciphering the deception. Because the people that don't and remain deluded, the New World Order will desire your energy to enslave.


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