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How to Give Head for the First Time

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It's natural that you feel unsure about something if you've never done it before -- it's like that with most things in life, the same goes for giving head. I love getting head -- and I know that 99 percent of other guys do to, I also know that most of you girls out there are clueless -- when it comes to giving really good head, why? Because you don't know where to ask for real, useful advice, and because most of you only think that you know what you're doing -- but you're far from it. Good for you -- you found the right place to learn. Especially if it's your first time. I'll give you five simple tips, and you'll have to go on from there.

One -- Relax. This sounds cliché, but it is the most important step. Let me put it to you plain and simple -- when I see a girl with a scared, lost look on her face while giving me head -- I am NOT attracted. I am NOT turned on. I feel bad, I feel like she's doing something she doesn't like, as if I was forcing her to do it. You don't want the guy to feel like that. You may be thinking that giving a great blow job is all about "xyz special technique" and so on -- it's not. You need to let go and be free -- SO WHAT if you mess up? SO WHAT if it's not the best blow job of his life the First time you give him head? So what? Who cares. Stop caring about messing up and stop thinking about it. It's not the end of the world. You just need to make a first step -- try it, and then you'll figure it out over time. OVER TIME. It's not instant. So get ready to fail, and stop worrying about it. Nervousness can lead you into only one place -- Failcity. And that's not where you want to go -- right?

Two -- Ice cream. Think of an ice cream, it's not that complicated. Since you're a beginner, don't use your teeth -- that's for more experienced girls. Pull them back and don't even think about scratching the head of his penis with your teeth, that place is only for the lips. Don't push it too deep in the beginning, that will only get you to gag -- that's also not for first timers. Your goal is to get his shaft wet -- as wet as possible, at least in the beginning, once it's wet, your mouth can slide in and out easier and it will be more comfortable for both of you.

Three - Foreplay. Before you start, massage his crotch, get him turned on, lick his fingers to get him prepared for what's coming. Make sure you choose a good and comfortable position for both of you -- if it's your first time to give head, I suggest you kneel down between his legs while he's sitting in a couch. This is the easiest way to get to him in the beginning. You can experiment with more interesting positions later.

Four -- Pressure. You main focus needs to be pressure, don't be too soft, don't be afraid to have a tighter grip around his shaft while you're stroking. Giving good head is all about combining stroking, licking, sucking, tickling, dirty talking and many other stuff, you just need to find the right combination for that particular guy -- that comes over time, practice and experience. What you need to focus on is nice pressure, stroke his shaft harder and slowly, passionately lick the head of his penis, a very sensitive area.

Five -- Details. Focus on the details later -- make eye contact, this way you'll not only be more attractive, but you'll also be able to see his reactions and adjust your technique. Guys are visual, this means that you need to make a good show for him -- but don't forget -- the only way you can actually do that is by enjoying it yourself. If you're not going to enjoy it, then don't even do it -- 'cause I guarantee it will be a shitty bj. Attitude is key -- you can learn how to give head from my website below, but don't go there unless you're absolutely sure you want to learn this stuff -- it is seriously dangerous -- that guy will probably fall in complete love with you, he'll call you day and night and he might even become possessive. (no, this is not a joke, yes -- I am serious.)

Follow these 5 simple tips and you'll be on your way to giving great head to your husband, boyfriend or whatever. Remember to relax, look at it as a game -- not an execution :)

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