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A Dog's Point of View: How Love and Leadership Principles Saved My Life

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I was born sometime in late March or early April of 2001. I'm not sure of the exact date because I was adopted. My biological mother had her litter in the fields of Austin, Texas. My siblings and I were left to die in a box on a donkey farm.

The owner of the farm was a wise and thoughtful man and, upon discovering us, he promptly packed us up and drove to the side lawn of a large semi-conductor company in east Austin. As he had hoped, word soon filtered into the building that there were 11 free, fuzzy puppies outside.

My soon-to-be adopted mother sat inside the building, wanting no part of free puppies. She was aggravated that her subordinates were taking time from work to indulge in petting and pampering. "Why don't they come in and do their work?" she wondered. Until her friend brought in my brother. She had never seen a pup so young and she was quite taken by his charm. She descended the stairs without an inkling of what was about to transpire.

The rest is history. She saw me, held me, and took me home. I become her confidant and soul-dog on May 8, 2001. We had no idea what great adventures and love awaited us.

My grandfather is the late Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, a giant of a man who wowed hundreds of thousands with his speeches on living life to its fullest, leadership principles and real love. For the past ten years, I've soaked up every word I've heard from "grandpaw" Jones and some of the great authors and speakers of our time.

I think I've learned a thing or two. In fact, mom and I teamed up and wrote a book, from my perspective, on what humans might learn about leadership principles from their exceptional pets. It is my pleasure to share with you my 70-dog years' worth of wisdom in my book True Blue Leadership: Top 10 Tricks from the Chief Motivational Hound.

It's a tremendous read. Ruff said.

Tracey C . Jones is the daughter of well-known public speaker Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. She is a US Air Force Academy graduate, has held senior management positions with several companies, and is President of Tremendous Life Books in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Tracey and her dog, Mr. Blue, strive to change the world one book at a time! Visit

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