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by Tracey Jones
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MECHANICSBURG, PA--Tremendous Life Books of Mechanicsburg, PA, a premier book publisher of over 350 titles on motivation, personal growth and sales, is pleased to announce the expansion of a new employee development program offered to help businesses and other organizations increase productivity and accomplish growth in their targeted areas.

"This is much more than just a book club for your employees," stated Tracey Jones, President of Tremendous Life Books. "We are now offering book reviews, training to correlate with the books, and other programs that we feel will help our clients motivate and encourage their employees to be life-long learners and lovers of reading. This is just good for everyone. Plus, the titles are hand-picked by the customers--titles they believe will meet the challenges and opportunities of their specific situation."

For years, Tremendous Life Books has offered its clients membership in "book of the month" clubs, where titles are highly discounted. But never have they offered training, follow-up and book reviews as part of a program. This new offering is called, "Read to Succeed."

"We saw a need in our client base for this," explained Jason Liller, Vice-President of Tremendous Life Books. "On-site training with our customers' staff members discussing a great book on--for example--leadership, is invaluable to them. And we've made it affordable. There are very few book businesses that offer discounts that can match ours."

Tremendous Life Books, formerly Executive Books, was founded in 1981 by the late Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, a book "evangelist" who gave away thousands of books in his lifetime through his work as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

"Dad only had an 8th grade education, but you'd never have known it based on what he was able to accomplish in his professional life," stated Candy Crawford, daughter of Mr. Jones. "He learned through reading good books and that's what we hope to help others do as well."

For more information, please contact Tracey Jones at 800-233-2665 or email

Tracey C . Jones is the daughter of well-known public speaker Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. She is a US Air Force Academy graduate, has held senior management positions with several companies, and is President of Tremendous Life Books in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Tracey and her dog, Mr. Blue, strive to change the world one book at a time! Visit

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