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What Can I Get My Wife for Christmas?

What Can I Get My Wife for Christmas? by
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Dear EQ Coach:

I don’t know what to get my wife for Christmas. I love her, but I hate to shop. I want to ask my secretary to pick something out for her. Do you think this is wise? I have plenty of money, no time, and I hate to shop.

Signed: Ready to Delegate in Delaware

Dear Ready to Detonate Relationship:

You have plenty of money, no time, and a death wish. No secretary, no friend, nobody can choose a gift for your girlfriend that won’t reek of “didn’t care.” Have you forgotten for a moment that women are intuitive? She will know.

How will she know? Take the EQ Foundation Course© and find out about intuition. Any man considering letting someone else choose the gift for the woman he loves needs EQ help right now.

Do it yourself. Call a coach for some ideas. Order it online to be gift-wrapped and delivered. Send your secretary out to pick it up or use a courier service. But never let someone else choose that special gift. She will know.

Signed: The EQ Coach

P.S. Yes, she will know.

Still not convinced?

Dear EQ Coach:

I’m appalled. My husband just gave me my Christmas gift early. We’ve been married 3 years. It was an expensive Lladro. Of a horse. I don’t like horses. I’ve never ridden a horse. I’ve never talked about one. I don’t have any horse thing in my house. I think they smell and are dangerous and my hobby is needlepoint. Furthermore, I don’t ^collect^. On the other hand, his secretary owns and breeds horses. She has horse statues all over her desk. I’m sick. What should I do?

Signed: Horses my A**

Dear Horses:

Well, I don’t recommend gelding ...

Signed: The EQ Coach

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