"Filipino Food and Eating Habit"
by Daisy Garcia
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Filipino cuisine is a combination of several taste, it could be Chinese, Western, Spanish. For whatever influences it from be, Filipino embraces those food recipe through the time. Filipino consumes three major meals a day, almusal, tanghalian and hapunan (breakfast, lunch dinner) and two light snacks in between meal (merienda).

Fresh vegetable and fruit are include for Filipino day to day diet along with pork, chicken, fish, seafoods, and rice. Filipino has its own seasoning of special herbs and spices that are cultivated all over the country. Unlike from people on other country that uses chopstick, fork and knife, Filipino usually used pork and spoon or just their bare hand when served with dry dishes. Now a days, a lots of Filipino adapted from other culture by eating using chopstick and knife and spoon while eating on bare house is still popular on nearby province.

Filipino Day to Day Food: For breakfast, Filipino usually prefer light food, it could a pandesal with a filling such as egg or jam with coffee. But for heavy eater they usually prefer heavy foods such as: Tapsilog : Fried egg, sliced cured beef (comparable with jerky), and fried rice. Daing: Dried fish and a rice Champorado : Rice porridge with choco powder, sugar and milk Daing na Bangus : Fried milkfish marinated in vinegar, salt, garlic, and ground pepper and served with Fried rice and bagoong (shrimp paste)

Between 8 am-12 pm, Filipinos usually takes a light meal or snacks locally known as merienda. It could be cookies or cracker with a softdrink or other prefer heavier merienda such as: Pancit : a sautéed rice noodle with pork or chicken. Siopao and Mami: A steam bun with a meat filling served with beef or chicken noodle soup. Filipino Dainties : It could be palitaw (rice boiled cake), puto or kotchinta

At exactly 12 pm Filipino usually take their lunch. It is compose of heavy meal such as rice and a viand. Filipino usually take vegetable along with fried for lunch. Aside from Fried fish and vegetable here is some common Filipino food recipe for lunch:

Bistik Tagalog: thinly marinated beef slice, fried with lemon and soy sauce as a sauce Sinigang na baboy: A popular food with tamarind base broth, it could be cook from fish, pork, chicken, beef. The soup is characterized by the sour taste because of the tamarind flavoring. Tinolang Manok: Chicken stew, it is cook with chicken meat along with chayote and malungay leaves. Fried Chicken and Gravy.

At 3:30, we usually take our mid meal snacks or merienda. It is just same with our morning merienda which are usually compose of light meal such as cookies, noodles or dainties with coffee or tea.

Lastly for dinner, Filipino usually have their dinner bet 7:30 -- 8:00 pm. We usually has the same kind of food for lunch and dinner. Aside from recipe mentioned above here is another popular Filipino food for dinner:

Adobo : It is a stew of pork, chicken, fish, or vegetable using soy sauce as a base. Pinakbet : A sautéed vegetable with shrimp paste for extra flavor, it is usually served with fried fish. Bulalong Baka: An all time favorite Filipino beef soup cook from beef shank. Breaded Pork Chop : Fried pork chop covered with bread crumbs seasoned with flavoring.

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