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Contributing Factors of Car Accidents

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As most drivers know, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Unfortunately, quite a bit of these deaths may have been prevented with a simple combination of responsible driving and respect for laws. It is important that as a driver you know and understand your state's drunk driving, seatbelt and any other laws that could affect your road safety.

It's important as a driver that you are aware of the fact that many factors have an influence on a car accident, while at other times multiple factors can contribute to a single car accident. Such factors include:

* A driver being distracted. Such distractions include: fiddling with the radio, talking with passengers, eating in the car, grooming in the car, reaching for dropped items, or even dealing with children or pets.

* Impairment. A driver may be easily impaired by tiredness, illness, alcohol or other drugs (either legal or illegal). An organization called MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) was created by families of the dead who were killed in car accidents that were caused by drunk drivers.

* Some form of mechanical failure. Such failures include: flat tires, tires blowing out, brake failure, axle failure, and steering mechanism failure.

* Road conditions. Such road conditions include: unexpected or foreign obstacles or substances on the road surface, rain, ice, snow, pot holes, etc . . .

* Exceeding a safe speed. It is important that a driver does not exceed the speed for which a road was designed, the road condition, the weather, the speed of surrounding motorists, and so on.

* The design and layout of the road. Most drivers are aware of the fact that there are some roads that are notorious for being an accident spot. In cases like this, there are often times a wide variety of reasons that may contribute to these accident spots. Some of the reasons might include: road alignment, visibility, camber and surface conditions, road markings, and so on.

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