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Lechon Baboy- Filipino Traditional Recipe During Special Occasion

by Daisy Garcia
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Lechon baboy (litson) or whole roasted pig is consider as Filipino traditional recipe, it is usually feature typical Filipino picture on rural areas roasting whole pig stick on bamboo pole. Any Filipino occasion cannot be consider as extravagant without Lechon baboy offered in the table. Because lechon was always been a part of Filipino culture there are lots of festivities that promote lechon. In Batangas, particularly in Balayan, they commemorate their Patron Saint John the Baptist on June 24 while showcasing Crispy red litson. During commemoration day, a mass is held at Immaculate Conception Church. The main event of the town Fiesta includes parading at least 50 lechon as part of celebration. While Batanguenos are known for their lechon festival, there are other places in Philippines are known for their version for cooking lechon. In Manila, particularly in Laloma. Their place is known as Lechon capital of the Philippines, you could find there at least 50's small and big retailer, Mang Tomas and Aling Lydia's and Pinpin lechon is among them. Those lechon supplier might be the most popular lechon supplier. Aside from lechon they also served on their eatery other Filipino traditional recipe such as Chicharon, bulaklak, chicharon isaw, dinuguan, crispy pata and a lots more.

Lechon Cebu has its own share with regards for lechon popularity because of its unique flavor, I just heard that for lechon Cebu you don't need to dip lechon in a sauce as the lechon is great tasting. Lechon Cebu is filled with lemon grass, a kind of banana known as Saba, Spring onion, onion, garlic, vetsin, salt and other secret ingredient. The most popular Lechon baboy store in Cebu are CnT lechon house and Alejo's lechon house. You could also find Lechon Cebu in nearby places known as Talisay and Carcar.

While lechon is gruesome to prepare as there are a lots of process involves, it is really worthwhile. The process includes slaughtering the swine, the ideal weight is between 18-22 kilogram and cleaning. The cooking process always depends on the size of the pig to be roasted. It may take 2-4 hour, but I've seen some that took six hours. In Manila, we usually used Lechon sauce to add flavor, Lechon sauce is compose of grilled pork liver, mash or liquefy using a processor, garlic, bread crumbs, sugar, salt, and vinegar. You could also use commercial lechon sauce available in local market known as Mang Tomas.

Lechon baboy leftover are easy to recycle, we usually cook lechon leftover by sautéing left over with vinegar and Lechon sauce. It will not only add flavor as it will also increase shelve life due to vinegar that serve as preservative.

Hi ,I am Daisy, a Filipina mother and a blogger. I would like to invite you to visit my blog about Filipino recipe. You could also visit my recipe about Caldereta and kare kare which is my kids all time favorite.

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