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Thundershirt Coupon

by Frank Klap
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We have noticed that the Thundershirt is one of those rare items for pets that can work almost automatically. Thundershirt coupons are sprouting all over the internet as well. We have found thundershirt coupons on many coupon type of sites, such as and others. The retail cost for a thundershirt (well worth the price without a discount) runs around $36 USD. But buyer beware. When you have a product, such as the Thundershirt, that is a quick best seller, and works great, a few things will happen online. The scammers will come out in droves, and you will offered everything from fake coupons to fake products and more. The real problem with legitimate Thundershirt coupons is when you go to find one, you typically have to join the membership coupon snipping website, and sometimes pay a fee. This is ok, if you are going to go online everytime you have something in mind to purchase, but if you are just looking for a little discount on a Thundershirt for your dog, sometimes the $5.00 to $10.00 off coupon just is not worth the total hassle you have to go through. Case in point, an eBay seller gets wind of the Thundershirt phenomina early and goes searching for a wholesaler. Finds a wholesaler who shows them a real thundershirt on the website, but when the shipment of 500 or 1000 come, (at a fantastic discounted rate) they end with t-shirts that say "Thundershirt" on them. The eBayer then goes back to complain, and lo and behold, the site is gone. Long gone. The sad part is, this happens often, and if the owners were in a country other than your country, well, chalk that one up as lessons learned. In the rush to get on eBay or your eCommerce website early, do not pass up the "due diligence" part of your research. Do not just fly and buy, to beat the competition and make a larger profit, you will suffer in the long run. When it comes to Coupons for anything, I would certainly do my research online, seeing reviews for the coupon websites, and of course, considering how many coupons you really expect using over the coming year (if you have to pay to join the membership site) With Thundershirt, my recommendation is easy. Grab it at the website. Spend $36 dollars, get the real thing, and save the hassles. If you have time, check one or two websites for a deal, but do not put too much time into it. If I invented the Thundershirt, it would be costing the public about $59.95 anyway, so $36 dollars is not a bad deal, especially for a product like the Thunderhirt.

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