"Quickerbuy Store Facebook App Simplifies Shopping on Social Networks"
by Linda
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

Quickerbuy store App formally launches weeks ago, simplifying shopping on the one of the biggest social networks around the world.

"Most sellers on Quickerbuy are small to medium business suppliers and many of them lack the knowledge on how to use Facebook effectively. The target of Quickerbuy Store App is to offer ease for those people to make the utmost of one of the biggest global social networks." Said Jane, Quickerbuy Marketing Director.

Quickerbuy store app is essentially an extensive directory of all stores on Quickerbuy, with sellers ranging from whole video game suppliers to handmade apparels providers. Once a seller installs the app, he/she could access to the app from the existing Facebook fan page. The app allows Facebook shoppers the capability to "share" and "spread" products with their friends and family members.

F-commerce plays an important role in boosting ecommerce revenues

According to insiders from Quickerbuy, installing Quickerbuy store is totally free, for now and for afterwards. It is developed by Quickerbuy Technical department. The team is led by veteran computer technology talents, who have been worked in society for over 10 years.

Gregory White, an exclusive handmade apparels supplier who offer handmade dresses, skirts, blouses, skirts with different styles. He said he enjoys the fact that Facebook users could make a purchase without navigating away from his fan page. He tells that he never needs to worry that he would lose certain number of potential buyers as they could directly buy his products from his Facebook.

"Quickerbuy Store is very easy to set up and manage. I am no techie. I finish the installation within minutes," said Gregory.

Gregory said he has noticed about a 25 percent increase in sales since his Shopping Mall launched.

"We intend to make the Shopping Mall to be a place where people could easily find elite products at great prices from small to medium suppliers. Facebook's viral nature could help businessmen to spread their products. We want Facebook users to share the products with their friends, colleagues or family members. Online shopping needs to get social for better development," said Jane.

Ecommerce has been in booming development since 2009. It simplifies trade process for small to medium business suppliers as well as allows an easy access for buyers to great products at better prices. It sets the stage for social shopping experience to take off.

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