"Spy Camera Surveillance: What Does PIR Mean?"
by Rose Li
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Have you heard the term "PIR" but are unclear about what it means?

We are going to try and educate you a little about PIR as it pertains to security systems. This way, if you plan to sell security systems with PIR in your home ecommerce business, you will have at least a working knowledge of your products. This has the added bonus of allowing you to answer questions from prospective customers or existing customers and help them understand your products.

What is PIR?

PIR stands for Passive Infra-Red. A passive infra-red sensor is an electronic device that may be used on a variety of products such as CCTV motion activated cameras, floodlights that are triggered to come on by motion, home security systems and many more devices.

These PIR sensors work by detecting the infra-red levels of radiation that is emitted by all living creatures. A larger being will emit more infra red radiation than a smaller one. Hence, a human being will emit more infra-red radiation than a frog.

So, home security cameras with PIR will scan for the larger levels of infra-red radiation such as might be emitted by a human. If they detect a higher energy level, they then send a signal to the device to take whatever step it is programmed to take. For example, a genuine home security system with a PIR motion sensor might automatically dial the alarm company if something emitting a large amount of energy is detected.

Now, the term PIR may be a little on the ambiguous side. Why? Because a security camera may have PIR built into the camera that will be triggered to start recording if it senses motion. Or, it may be disguised inside the housing of a home alarm system but not part of it, or even in a dummy home alarm system or motion detector.

If the PIR spy camera is disguised in the housing of either a real or fake alarm system, it probably isn't a part of the actual alarm system, but will still be triggered to start recording if motion/energy is detected by the sensor.

Resellers should be familiar with the various types of PIR security and spy cameras so that they understand what they are selling and can explain the products to potential customers.

Who Would Use a PIR Spy Camera Disguised as a Motion Detector?

Lots of people! For example, if you have a real home security system and a PIR spy camera hidden within a faux motion detector, someone like a nanny wouldn't have any idea that an unarmed alarm system was actually recording her interaction with a child or children in her care.

You need to take pains to clarify with shoppers that a PIR security system disguised as a home alarm system is not, in fact, a home alarm system but a camera that will be triggered to start recording by motion detected within its parameters.

Chinavasion has a great selection of PIR security and spy cameras available for you to start selling today! This is a very profitable niche with a huge target market and plenty of potential customers!

PIR, or Passive Infra-Red, is a slightly ambiguous term when it is applied to some types of security or spy cameras. If you plan to buy these types of spy camera for resale in a home ecommerce business, it would be a very good idea to try and gain a better understanding of what PIR actually means and how it relates to the various types of spy cameras. You need to be armed with this knowledge yourself, since you need at least a working understanding of any product you might sell; but it is also important to understand PIR security cameras so that you can help your potential buyers understand how they work. Chinavasion has a wide selection of spy and security PIR cameras available at low wholesale prices for you to start selling now and making big profits! When sourcing security cameras from another country such as China, you need to deal with an established, reputable company like Chinavasion that knows how to do the importing paperwork for security cameras so they don't get snarled up in Customs.

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Spy Camera Surveillance: What Does PIR Mean?

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