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Cac tac pham tho Nguyen Binh

by Vu Duy Hung
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Some poems Nguyen Binh

During 30 years, Nguyen Binh has composed many genres such as poetry, plays, stories, poetry ... He is very strong composition, written very well and lived all his poetic career. He is widely recognized by readers as one of the best poets of modern poetry Vietnam.: Some of the work:

Through the House (love 1936) The shadow of the railway station (Tho 1937) Two of (Tho 1939) Lovesick Foot home (Tho 1940) Missed step sideways (Tho 1940) Soul I (Tho 1940) Huong Nhan (Tho 1941) A Thousand Window (Poetry 1941) Why not here (Tho 1941) Baby On The Floor United (Tho 1942) Twelve Ben Water (Tho 1942) Cloud Frequency (Tho 1942) Football Giai Nhan (Dramatic Poetry 1942) Pipa Stories (Stories Poetry 1942) Mr. Lao Mai Sword (Tho 1947) Dong Thap Muoi (Tho 1955) Pay me on (Tho 1955) Send The Southern wife (Tho 1955) In the Bay Flag Football (Stories Poetry 1957) Well Water Period (Tho 1957) French Spring Night (Stories Poetry 1958) Sometimes I Love That (Tho 1960) Her Son (1961 Rowing stock) Morning Star Night (Poetry 1962) The ferryman River Tails (Cheo 1964)

Besides the works mentioned above, there are some poems written in the year 1965 published va1966 not keep up.

Tho Nguyen Binh has many articles to music and also popular music composers for his poetry:

Battalion 307 was Nguyen Huu Tri Quoc Huong to music and this song was considered very successful as the song "cabinet" of this singer The neighborhood is a popular English songs By White Butterfly Pham Duy two of the musical Accidentally entered the Song Ngoc musical level Spring music is universal music Duc Quynh, Thanh Lan song Time before the popular music of all Van Phung Trang Huong Lan morning tea gardens and singing Jealousy is musical Trong Khuong, Tuan Duc presented Girl spring raised from the musical, presented Thanh Lan Contract due to the musical Phuc Nguyen Dinh Ngoc Bao presented Foot home Pham Duy buds are rose hips to music

Tho Nguyen Binh | tac pham Nguyen Binh

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