"Abo Ahmed: Delicious Fiteer in Nasr City "
by Cairo 360
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No matter how fattening it is, good Egyptian fiteer is a dependable comfort food, and the more it's laden with delicious ingredients; the better. Although it offers a variety of dishes, Abo Ahmed in Nasr City is particularly famous for its delicious fiteer and grilled meats.

The restaurant is more suitable for takeout or delivery, mainly because it's often crammed with customers waiting for orders or sitting in the outdoor area overlooking the busy street. Abo Ahmed's delivery service is excellent and takes very little time to reach your house as long as you're in the vicinity of Nasr City and nearby areas.

The fold-out menu is packed with various dishes ranging from the 10LE kabab sandwich to the seafood pizza and on-demand dishes; meaning you can order whatever you'd like to eat, even if it isn't on the menu. Pizzas start at 15LE for a medium margherita, and the smoked turkey pizza (28LE) is the way to go with its perfect crust. You can add extra cheese for only 3LE.

However, Abo Ahmed is all about the fiteer. The fiteer is made with just the right amount of ingredients and isn't too greasy as with other fiteer places. This reviewer tried the mushroom fiteer (19LE) with a salty mix of cheese, tomatoes and black olives. The fiteer was filling yet the crust can be a bit dry for some. Other flavours include chicken fiteer (18LE), cheese lovers with seven kinds of cheese (25LE) and seafood fiteer (28LE).

Grilled meats and seafood take up the rest of the menu. A kilo of chewy grilled kabab with bread and salad will set you back 120LE, while a plate of calamari and rice only costs 5LE.

If there's any room for desserts; then take a peek at the sweet fiteer section for a baked and syrup-covered chocolate fiteer (14LE) or simpler Boughasha pie with powdered sugar (5LE), though the latter was far less sugary than it should be.

Abo Ahmed makes a great collection of traditional Egyptian cuisine despite its small space and location on a crowded street. The deliciousness of the buttery baked goods almost makes up for their high calorie count; though their food might not be a wise choice if you're on a diet.

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Abo Ahmed: Delicious Fiteer in Nasr City

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