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How to Suck Cock Better Than a Porn Star

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Hey girl. I'll explain you how to suck cock better than any porn star out there! It's not as complicated as it may seem. When you can suck cock like a pro - your guy will ADORE you for it. 85 percent of women have no idea how to properly suck cock, so when you have this skill mastered every guy will cherish you like a precious diamond.

I'm not joking. Learning how to suck cock is an investment for your future. So let's get down to business. I'll give you 6 quick tips and guidelines for sucking cock better. 1. Moan, moan and moan some more?Let him hear how YOU are getting more pleasure from sucking his cock than he does. His orgasm happens in his BRAIN first, and between his legs second. So focus on making him FEEL amazing in his brain, not just his dick.

2. Adore his cock?If you don't love his cock, he won't love your blowjobs. Passion is the name of the cock sucking game. Techniques are for AMATEURS, the perfect cock-sucking attitude is what differentiates the Pro's from the blowjob virgin's. Step your game up! I'll teach you EXACTLY how to behave and WHAT and HOW to say when you are sucking a cock. ( later )

3. No pain no gain?Sucking a cock like a Porn Star takes time, effort and dedication. You can't learn to suck cock perfectly overnight - you have to PRACTICE the RIGHT stuff. Next, no pain, no gain. Put some effort into mastering this. It's WORTH IT! I'll tell you exactly what to practice the most and what he'll like the most. ( later )

4. Deep-throat like a Champ Here's another thing separating the pro's from the losers. If you can't deep-throat - your blow job just isn't living up to it's potential. Stop telling yourself that you "can't" - YES YOU CAN! You just make yourself believe that you "can't." I've been with AT LEAST 50 women that said that they can't - and after they put some effort into it, they LEARNED it. Yes, it can be learned. No - it's not all about natural talent. Willpower and some technique and THAT'S IT. Mainly willpower. So stop whining, and start sucking. Do you want that guy to get sexually addicted to YOU and only YOU, or what? I'll teach you how to deep-throat his dick like a piece of cake. ( later )

5. Swallow, or go home?If you spit my cum out and make a disgusted "oh my God I'm so not swallowing!" face - I would DUMP YOUR ASS faster than you could imagine. On the other hand, if you swallow every single drop and smile happily with a mouthful of my load in you - I'll be ready to PROPOSE to you. ( at least in that moment ;) maybe you're a psycho ;P ) Swallowing will connect you on a deeper level. I'll teach you how to make his cum taste better and how to swallow easier. ( later ).

6. Stroke his cock the right way?Most blowjobs go wrong because the girl doesn't know how to STROKE it properly. She just whacks off as if it was a piece of sausage without feelings. Guess what - it's not. You need to pace it right, and speed up towards the end. Feel his dick on a deeper level. This is CRUCIAL. Don't fuck it up like 80 percent of other chicks do.

Just by teaching you what NOT to do when you suck your guy's dick will make you WAY better than the Average Girl.

Now listen carefully. I have something to tell you that can completely change your sex life forever. My name is Jack, and I'm the guy that has slept with, and got his cock sucked by hundreds of women. Some were great. Most weren't. After too many lousy blow jobs, I decided to create a step by step, 110 percent straightforward guide for you girls that want to blow their man's mind away, make him scream and BEG for more! This is a guide that can transform your sex life and relationship like no other, and it can turn you into the Goddess of sucking cock. It's called Jack's Blowjob Lessons.

You want to learn more real life tips on how to keep your husband satisfied in bed? Read my guide on how to suck dick called Jack's BJ Lessons.

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