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How to Suck Dick - Tips on Sucking Your Husband's Dick Better

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Sucking your husband's dick better is a skill you have to master, it's a noble cause, and your husband will love you for it more than he ever did. Also, sucking dick like a pro will help you keep him sexually satisfied ( AND LOYAL! ) for a lifetime.

Now listen up if you're serious about learning how to suck dick. You DON'T have to be the best cock-sucker on the PLANET to make your husband happy - all you have to do is be BETTER than all the other women that have sucked his dick before you did, and better than the potential chicks that might lay their mouths over his dick. How do you do that? Simply - DO what 99 percent of other women will not do for their husbands when they suck their dick. I'll tell you 4 things that most women don't do when they suck dick. 1. Lick the balls A LOT of women don't lick their husband's/boyfriend's balls when they suck cock. The completely forget to involve the balls in the game. That's a no-no. Suck, lick, tickle and caress his balls - but do it gently. Prepare them for a HUGE blowjob-eruption ;) Later, I'll teach you all about taking care of his balls properly when you suck his dick.

2. Deep throat Only 2 out of 10 women ( on average ) know how to deep throat a dick. Usually those are the 20 percent that PUT IN THE EFFORT to master swallowing his entire dick. Most women are just plain lazy and don't work on it. ANY girl can learn how to deep throat a dick if she puts some effort into it and knows some basic techniques. I can teach you about that later in my blowjob guide, for now - I'll just tell you something simple. If a girl EVER deep-throated him before you - he will EXPECT you to be able to do it as well. It's WORTH the effort, believe me. He'll cherish you. It's not so much about how good it feels, it's more visually appealing than physically anyway.

3. Cum on your face As I said lady, when it comes to sucking his dick like a Pro - it's All about differentiating yourself from the CROWD of AVERAGE cock-suckers out there. My dick has been sucked SO well in my life that when I come across some of you girls that are CLUELESS with a dick in their mouth and start making the "OH my God, Am I doing this right??" face - I want to SCREAM - "GOD! PLEASE! Why Didn't she read Jack's Blowjob Lessons yet! Should I give her a free copy?"

Anyway... let your husband cum on your face, even better - BEG him to do it. This will immediately make you better at sucking dick than most chicks.

4. Moan, for Christ's Sake! If you are one of those women that can't put out a single fucking sound when she just "bobs" away on that dick, please - stop sucking his dick entirely. Your wasting both your and your husband's time. When I teach girls how to suck dick I always tell them to SAY something. MOAN. Give out an expression. If YOU are enjoying sucking my dick less than I am - I won't enjoy the blowjob.

If you make the "im working" face, as if you were finishing an important project and you had a deadline - then your guy won't be able to cum properly. You don't just want him to cum, you want him to SHAKE, SCREAM and EXPLODE like an ATOMIC BOMB full of cum all in your mouth and body. Moan louder and louder, YOU are having an orgasm when you're sucking his dick. Remember this the next time you are giving him a blow job.

These are four things that most women don't do when they suck their husband's dick. Don't make the same mistakes they make. Just by incorporating these 4 simple things into your dick sucking repertoire will make your husband go nuts! And you'll instantly raise your chances for being better than any other woman before you.

You want to learn more real life tips on how to keep your husband satisfied in bed? Read my guide on how to suck dick called Jack's BJ Lessons.

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