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How to Suck Dick Better Than Ever - 3 Secrets of Sucking Dick

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Hey girl,

let me tell you more about how to suck dick better than you ever thought possible. Sucking dick is an art, an art that any girl with enough determination can learn and master. Learning how to suck dick is, without competition, one of the best things you can do for Yourself, not your guy. Why? Because, when You know how to suck dick better than 99 percent of other women - you become UNIQUE. And this skill/ability will immediately differentiate you from all the other women out there, since most women are clueless when it comes to sucking cock. When you are UNIQUE, you have more options, more choices, and it will be A LOT easier for you to keep a guy. I could be my life that if there was a survey analyzing happy couples and successful marriages - they would find that the wife/girlfriend KNOWS how to suck dick really well, or at least better than average.So, how do you suck dick better? I'll give you the 3 secrets of AMAZING blow jobs. These are 3 things that every great blow job contains. These 3 things alone can improve any blow job that you give, so remember them and apply them.

1. Submission?Women that know how to suck dick UNDERSTAND something I call "dick psychology" or "dick logic." They know what turns the dick on in most guys. It's submission. Submit to his dick. Worship his dick and look up at it from below, really, as low as you can get. You get DOMINATED by his dick, you cherish every inch of it and you are in AWE with it. It is your source... his cum, it's your source of eternal youth! His cum is your elixir and you're going to get it no matter what. Submit to his dick, submit to your destiny.

I know this may sound INSANE to you and you're thinking "what the fuck does this have to do with knowing how to suck dick?", trust me, it has everything to do with it. Girls that know how to suck dick TAKE IT like there's no tomorrow. They understand that men WANT them to submit to their dicks like a little, sexy cock-sucking angel that will treat his dick like a KING. Kiss it, lick it, squeeze it, pump it, stroke it, twist it, love it, suck it, swallow it. Submit to his dick, and you'll already be WAY ahead of all the other women trying to learn how to suck dick from Cosmo and Co. That's the first real secret of fantastic blow jobs.

2. Sensualism?Sensualism? "What the hell is that?" - okay, I just made that up, I don't even know if it's a real word, whatever. Listen, too many of you girls think that sucking a guy's dick is about ... well, just pure, plain sucking. It's not. There's so much more to it than just sucking, sucking and sucking away like a brainless robot.

Great blow jobs are about FEELINGS. Feeling that dick on a deeper level ( not just physically ) is the name of the game. A girl that sucks my dick with EMOTION and pure ecstasy, almost HOPE in her eyes, hope for a better future, for a long life, for a deeper connection with her guy, for a strong and powerful bond between the two. Your mouth and emotions combined with his dick can produce a magical connection. ( after you swallow his load, but that's another topic ). When you can tap into the emotional, psychological side of sucking dick, that's when you really know how to suck dick better than any other girl. ‘Cause that's the thing that 99 percent of women don't understand. They're always searching for the newest "technique" - FUCK the technique.

3. Next time you suck your guys dick... Think about his BRAIN. Where are the candles? Where is the nice light, across your sexy, worshipping his dick face? Where is the lounge, or jazz music, or anything that you like that's relaxing and can put him in the mood? Where's the sexy lingerie...? The list goes on and on. Conquer his mind, and when his brain cells explode from pleasure, his dick will erupt like a volcano on STEROIDS! Last, but not least, the secret of sucking dick better than any other woman is...

Practice. Practice. Practice. Then practice some more. Did I say practice already? Really... some of you girls are borderline brainless. You expect to learn how to suck dick overnight. Nothing happens overnight. I can give you top-notch blow job tips that WILL make you better overnight - but MASTERING blow jobs, like, sucking dick so well that he literally PASSES OUT from your blow job - takes hours, upon hours, and years of PRACTICE. Don't be lazy. You need to fine tune your dick sucking skills.

When you get a new guy, you need to ADAPT a bit and tailor-make your blow job, again - practice. It's a skill like any other. At first, when you just start learning about how to suck dick, it seems hard and confusing and complicated... over time, you get him to cum, once, and again, and again, and you slowly gain some confidence. Now, DO NOT - become over-confident. Just because he starts enjoying your blow jobs and starts giving you compliments... it doesn't mean that you mastered sucking dick. You didn't lady. A girl might come by and REALLY BLOW HIS MIND AWAY and he WILL DUMP YOU. Guys are animals and think with their dicks. So if a better blow job comes by, you might get the boot! I'm just being real.

The truth might hurt, but it will set you free. Anyway, even when you think you're good - there's ALWAYS space for learning, and it's natural that you get better over time and practice. Just makes sure that you are practicing THE RIGHT stuff that actually gets you RESULTS. In the end that's what we're all interested in the most... results. Real results.Okay, gorgeous lady... now you know how to suck dick and how to learn to suck dick a bit better than you knew a few minutes ago. I hope I put you on the right path, and gave you some more insights on how a guy's brain and dick function. These tips were just the TIP of the Iceberg.

You want to learn more real life tips on how to keep your husband satisfied in bed? Read my guide on how to suck dick called Jack's BJ Lessons.

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