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How to Give a Blow Job - 5 Tips for Spicing Up Your Blow Jobs

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Hey girl,

if you want to learn how to give a blow job better than 99 percent of other women out there - you came to the right place! I'm Jack, your blow job instructor. I'm cool and my dick is big like Big Ben. But enough about me. Let's talk about YOU. Currently, you probably don't know how to give a blow job, or your blow jobs are "just OK." Well, "just OK" isn't enough. If you want that guy to be totally in love with you, learning how to give a blow job is probably the best thing you can do. Let's get down to business. ( pun intended ). I got more blow jobs than I can remember and I figured out where most women make a mistake, how to fix it and how to improve your blow job skills. So here are 5 tips to spice things up, just to get you started on your blow job mastery journey.

1. Talking dirty The reality is that... most women DO NOT talk dirty during sex OR when they're on their knees facing a guy's dick. Why is that? You a) think you'll sound dumb, b) don't know WHAT to say c) don't want to humiliate yourself and d) you feel awkward, or e) you have no idea how much your guy might like it.

How do you talk dirty when you are giving a blow job? Well - you, obviously, don't talk with his penis in your mouth, but when you take it out, and go for some air, you can say whatever you want. Learning how to give a blow job isn't just about knowing some new "techniques" - it's much more than that. One of those things is making him FEEL great about everything in his HEAD. Then, his penis will also feel much, much better. The golden rule for talking dirty when giving a BJ: Believe it. Whatever you say, say it with 100 percent certainty that it will sound GREAT.

2. Ice cream Guys are VISUAL creatures that like to see sexy, sexy, things. Once I had an ice cream stick in my fridge. I had a girl over, she started licking her ice cream and gave me "the look" and I instantly got turned on like a maniac, she was pushing it in and out, deep, demonstrating how deep she can take it.

It's almost all about creating a great SHOW. That's what makes a great blow job, the emotions you make him feel when you're giving him head. I took my ice cream and I pushed it down her mouth, gave a bit of it to her, once she finished, she started giving me a great, COLD blow job that felt mind-blowing! Incorporate some fun into your blow jobs, it's not all "work!"

3. Use his balls to Your advantage! It's ridiculous how many of your girls think that you know how to give a blow job well - but when the time comes to prove it, you can't even lick, suck or kiss the guy's balls when giving him a BJ. Sure, they may be hairy ( just get him to shave them, he'll do it ), but his BALLS should be your BEST friend during a blow job. Girls that know how to involve the balls into a blow job can get a guy to go INSANE. Tickle them, play with them, experiment.

The golden rule to licking his balls: Get as low as you can, and open your mouth wide. The only way to make him feel truly amazing is by loving every micro-inch of his body, balls, dick, everything. You need to look as if YOU are just about to cum from giving him a blow job.

4. Chocolate Get some chocolate syrup, or honey, put it on his big, erect dick, and lick it off sexily. This may not be the most original blow job tip ever, but I'm wondering how many of you girls actually did it.

5. And last... ... but not least - get some HOT thongs. Thongs can change your life! Really, I'd always rather get a blow job from a gorgeous girl that wearing sexy thongs, than from a gorgeous sexy girl that has granny pants. Sure, you can also be naked, but hot thongs will always be hot thongs. As I said, guys are visual - and great thongs can SIGNIFICANTLY increase the perceived ( mental ) pleasure your guy gets from your blow jobs. So... go shopping ;)

The 5 tips can already spice up your blow jobs - so, apply them, and tell me how it goes. Have fun ;)?Jack

Jack has been teaching women how to give a blow job to their man. You can learn more from him in his step by step guide - Jacks Blowjob Lessons - just don't get angry if men start falling in love with you and being ready to "kill" just to stay with you!

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