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How to Suck Dick Like His Dick Has Never Been Sucked Before

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Hey girl, the only way you can awe your guy and make him loyal as a dog is by learning how to suck dick like his dick has never been sucked before. I'll teach you how to do that. I got my dick sucked by hundreds of women, and I know where most of you fuck up. The reality is that MOST women have NO CLUE how to suck dick properly - that's good. It means that your competition isn't that big or hard. You can easily outperform 90 percent of chicks, because most of them can't suck dick well if their life depended on it. Now listen up. Sucking dick is an art that you can learn. Sure, there are natural talents, but it's mostly about a) practicing like crazy and b) being armed with THE RIGHT info. If you go to war, you don't want to have only a swiss knife, or you'll get shot down like a rabbit. What you need are bazookas, grenades, AK-47. That's what I'll arm you with in the war of sucking the life out of his dick.

The practicing part is up to you, the more you suck dick, the better you'll get at it. Just be open minded. The following advice isn't for school girls that get offended when they hear "cumshot." If you get easily offended, get the fuck out of here.

So, how do you suck his dick properly?

First, fix your attitude. Sucking his dick isn't a chore, or a job. You aren't doing it for his, but for YOUR OWN pleasure. Fake it, if you have to. Make yourself believe that there's nothing more DELICIOUS in this world than sucking his dick. Get on your knees, and throw him in the couch. Turn off the TV, your cellphone, light up some candles, music can also help. A blow job is a SHOW, so fix yourself up. Thongs, lingerie, smell like SEX and behave like sex.

You are his sexy, slutty, dick-suck-a-holic bombshell that's CONFIDENT, but - naughty and appearing innocent. You aren't afraid to talk dirty, and whatever you say - it flows, it's kinky, it's hot - you believe it, and you'll achieve it. You are salivating all over his big, hard cock, and you compliment him. You are fascinated by his dick, licking it from bottom, to top, taking it all in and moaning. You are having an ORGASM as you are sucking his dick, and you are THANKFUL for the chance that you got to enjoy his cock. You worship it, and suck it like there's no tomorrow.

Your hands are tickling his balls, holding them, you suck on them, gently, and moan some more, you look up at him with those sexy, naughty eyes and he sees the FIRE of DESIRE deep within them. You are HUNGRY, you need him to feed you with his cum. It's the only thing left on Planet Earth, and if you don't get that cum out, you'll STARVE to death.

You take momentum, start pumping his dick harder with your hands, you twist, you suck, you go deep, you moan. You look up at him and say "Baby, mmmm, cum in my mouth, I want your load" and at that moment - his brain FLIPS and EXPLODES. Tiny, micro cells in his brain are popping and sending electronic messages to his balls to SHOOT that load all over you.

You pump, pump and pump some more and squeeze every single cum out of his dick, with pure ecstasy and passion. You are moaning as he is moaning, and you're almost having a simultaneous orgasm. You open your mouth wide, and show him the beautiful stuff he gave you. You are happy. Happier than ever. You swallow every single drop, and show him your empty mouth.

Have a cup of water nearby to wash it down easier, then give his dick another little kiss and giggle. You had FUN, not work. Always remember that. You look up at him as if he is your KING, and your only life goal is to please him. His pleasure is your pleasure.

Now THAT is how to suck dick like a Pro. If you can suck his dick like this, it will probably be one of the best blow jobs he ever got in his life. See how he'll react after that.

You want to learn more real life tips on how to keep your husband satisfied in bed? Read my guide on how to suck dick called Jack's BJ Lessons.

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