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How to Suck Dick: Real Life Cock Sucking Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Open Minded Women

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Hey girl. Welcome to the right place for learning how to suck dick properly. I know that many of you gorgeous ladies are clueless when it comes to sucking cock, but have no worries - you can learn everything if you're armed with the right information and if you are willing to practice - because, just like with everything else, practice makes perfect. So, listen up. I'll give you 3 simple dick sucking tips just to get you started. These are real-life, no bullshit tips that WORK like a Charm.

1. Love his dick, and show him how much you love it!

This is the first, and probably most important thing you need if you want to know how to suck dick decently. Attitude is everything. It's 95 percent of the game. The rest are techniques, and details. But attitude is everything. What is the right attitude for sucking cock? To put it simply - you gotta be a SLUT. To be more specific: you have to be HIS DIRTY LITTLE COCK-a-HOLIC SLUT that's STARVING TO DEATH - and the ONLY food left on Earth is his cum. And, the best part is, that his cum is, for you, the most delicious thing in the Galaxy. If you could choose between any food in the world, ice cream, caviar, and all that other stuff - and his dick and cum - you'd rather choose his cum. That's a good attitude.

Next, just having the proper attitude for sucking dick like a veteran porn star isn't enough. You have to KNOW how to CONVEY your great dick-sucking attitude properly. You have to come across as a natural talent, you need to be genuine, it can not appear as FAKE, or it won't be nearly as hot. He has to FEEL, that you really, really, REALLY - ADORE having his big dick in your warm, wet mouth. You need to master the art of "showmanship" with a dick in your mouth. You need to CREATE an entire show, an experience that he'll never want to forget, or even be able to forget even if he wanted to! Make every blowjob one of a kind! That's the first and most important dick sucking tip that you need to master before you move on.

2. Mastering the basics!

Okay - Now, this is a major problem. Many of you girls are looking for THIS and THAT "special" and "secret" dick sucking TECHNIQUE and "trick" and all that "cool" stuff that should supposedly make that guy EXPLODE like a fuckin' Volcano. And you know what - things like that DO really exist. BUT - and that's a BIG BUT - you MUST master the BASICS FIRST, before you can go on to the next level. If you aren't good at the basic dick sucking ways then you aren't fit for doing ( attempting, actually ) more advanced stuff - because you'll fuck that up too.

So - anyway - what I'm saying is that you have to FOCUS on becoming PERFECT at the basics of sucking dick, and then you'll easily get your blowjobs from good to great! But it needs to be at least good first. How do you do that? How do you master the basics of sucking cock? It's simple.

First - you have to IDENTIFY your mistakes. There are some basic mistakes most girls make when they suck dick... for example. Chopping his dick off with your teeth, or not making eye contact, or being in a bad position that's not living up to your true potential as a cock-sucker, or being unable to control his mental-state, and stuff like that. Or using your hands in a way that doesn't stimulate him, or just bobbing away on his dick and being quiet - or, even WORSE - making RETARDED ( no pun intended for the mentally challenged ) FACES! That's a really big, and common mistake. If you are able to identify these dick sucking mistakes, you'll immediately make your blowjobs twice as good as they are at the moment.

Next, you have to practice perfecting some basic techniques combined with a great attitude, and you'll slowly start mastering your skill. You'll destroy all the mistakes and you'll start focusing on perfecting your core blowjob skills and then you'll be able to build upon that base easily. You just need the proper foundation. Focus on that!

3. Now, I'll give you another really simple but very useful tip for sucking cock like a pro: Learn how to talk dirty when sucking dick. Yep, that's it. It's an essential skill. If you know WHAT to say, WHEN to say it - and, most importantly - HOW to say it, when you are sucking your guy's cock, then you'll truly be able to have him under your spell and make him explode whenever you want. He'll go insane! A guy has an orgasm in his BRAIN first, and that leads it to his DICK, but first - you need to stimulate his psychological pleasures, not just physical - and that's something you do by conquering his MIND, and his FEELINGS.

You have to know how to get him to relax, shut his brain off and think about nothing else other than enjoy the experience of you sucking his cock like the Queen of Blow Jobs. You can do all that by talking dirty and directing his attention, feeding his EGO and making him feel powerful, like he's THE KING of the Jungle, and you are his Queen cock-sucker.

Seriously, if you want to get a guy to cum like insane from your blowjobs, you MUST know how to stimulate his brain cells to just fucking explode from excitement! Moaning also helps ( a lot )! So stop being so quiet when you're sucking his dick next time and find out how you can easily NOT come across as a complete idiot when you finally end up talking dirty and driving him insane. Your one and only blowjob instructor, Jack

You want to learn more real life tips on how to keep your husband satisfied in bed? Read my guide on how to suck dick called Jack's BJ Lessons.

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