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A Classification of the Sources of Alternative Energy

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There is no denying the fact that we need a source of energy to power most of our everyday tasks and needs. The modern man is constantly looking for ways to better himself through sophisticated technology. Since they need to be powered in order to work, more sources of energy are being actively harnessed to cater to our needs. At present, we rely heavily on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas to provide for our needs.

However, there are many disadvantages to utilizing fossil fuels for energy. First, they emit harmful by-products that cause global warming. Additionally, since fossil fuel is a finite resource, its slow depletion makes it an expensive commodity. What is fortunate is that experts are actively finding alternative sources of energy to address these concerns.

Alternative Energy: What is it?

Any energy source that could replace another energy source due to its negative impact on the environment is called an alternative energy. Solar energy uses solar PV panels to generate electricity, wind turbines are used for wind energy, heat from within the earth is tapped for geothermal energy and hydroelectric energy uses the power of moving water. Environmental awareness is promoted through the use of these alternative sources of energy and it could even be an answer to our global financial crisis.

Types of Alternative Energy

Solar Energy. Life on earth is sustained through the power of the sun yet its full potential really hasn't been utilized. Solar PV panels are now made available that would harness the sun's rays to convert it into useable electricity for individual homes. Solar power is one of the most popular forms of alternative energy as it can be easily installed in residences and the work place.

Wind Energy. One other highly recognized form of alternative energy is wind energy. Electricity is provided by wind energy through turbines and windmills.

Geothermal Energy. Heat from within the bowels of the earth is so intense that it could create molten magma. This extreme heat comes out of the earth through volcanoes and geysers and its heat is then tapped through energy conversion technology enabling it to generate electricity and even heat liquids.

Hydroelectric Energy. The construction of waterfall dams maximizes hydroelectric power. Electricity is produced by the earth's hydrologic cycle which is then transported towards an electric facility that distributes the electrical power to the people.

Global warming is already becoming a great concern for the people and the government that incentives are allotted for those who use alternative energy sources such as solar panel systems installed in homes. The initial expense it would take for one to install a solar panel would eventually be returned and could even double if utilized properly. Solar PV panel system as an alternative source could be read in the solar panel information website. Making the first step towards helping our environment could spell a huge difference for the future generation.


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