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Free Pit Bull Puppies

by Jimmy Carter
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Want a loyal dog that likes people, is full of energy, is smarter than some people, is easy to groom, and likes kids? Consider free pit bull puppies. That's right, a pit bull. Pit bulls have received an undeserved reputation for being vicious and aggressive, but the truth is that when pit bulls are raised by knowledgeable people who treat their dogs with consistency, firmness, and love, these dogs are great for almost any situation. Pit bulls require firm owners who can help a dog understand that the "leader of the pack" is the human, not the dog. Once the dog understands its place in the hierarchy, they fit in well with a family and are safe with children and safe around strangers. Pit bulls' loyalty means they will protect if a threat is perceived, but they seem to have an intrinsic understanding about when their family needs protection. Their loyalty and intelligence means pit bulls can do just about anything.

Recently, pit bulls have been one of the most maligned breeds of dogs in America. This reputation is because some people have cruelly trained pit bulls to be aggressive and to attack. When raised with love, respect, and consistency, pit bulls are one of the kindest and gentlest breeds to have around families with children. Pit bulls used to be considered heroes and have been owned by people like President Teddy Roosevelt, boxing legend Jack Dempsey, and others. The most decorated war dog in the history of the United States was Stubby, a "veteran" of World War I.

Free pitbull puppies can be wonderful family dogs that accept rough play from children and are loyal to their family. When exercised consistently, pit bulls can do well living in an apartment. As with any dog, consistency is the key to raising a dog that knows its place in the family. The easiest way to insure that a dog receives the proper consistency is raise it from a puppy so you know the experiences the dog has had. Look at free pit bull puppies and start raising your own smart and loyal dog. One of these puppies can become a loved member of your family and you will have an opportunity to create memories that will last forever. Pit bulls commonly cost several hundred dollars, but you can add a member of your family with one of our free pit bull puppies.

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