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Energy Network Marketing Scam, Is It Really A Scam?

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Because the deregulation of energy across the US has occured, energy multi-level marketing opportunities have been popping up all over and rightfully so. It is an wonderful concept to get paid only for someone paying a bill that everyone has to pay anyway. There are many companies that you can select from presenting different comp plans and different investment costs. But a very important factor is for sure, a lot of people that choose to join these opportunities will be in it to produce a long term residual income, not to generate losses.

Many companies require that you simply pay anywhere from $300 - $429. Addtionally they require that you pay between $20 - $40 each month for your personal site. My question for you is this. Why pay to get started in an energy multi-level marketing biz opp when you can get involved for no investment and still have the opportunity to have an limitless income potential. And I am not saying that you simply can't afford hundreds of dollars to get involved, but there are many people that truly do not want the cost up cost. That being the case, wouldn't be better to sponsor people in to the company that no investment is required? Now a few of you may reason that since there is no investment, then people won't work as hard and I can accept that to a degree. But, the ones that truly want success will work the business. But at the same time, since there is no investment to get started and no monthly fees, the retention rates are going to be a lot higher.

There is one company that supplies a very productive comp plan without every one of the investment costs. Everything you need to do is change your electricity bill to this company and you are in business. During the time of writing this article, the company only services PA, MD, NY, NJ, CT. But expanding to others states soon. The company also has intentions of expanding internationally in the next year.

Regardless of what company you decide to get involved with, if you are looking to really expand your organization, then you must utilize the internet, to help you expand your business in other stares. One thing is for sure and that is that you want to prevent spamming folks on Facebook. Since I reside in a deregulated state, I have to have received 100's of messages on Facebook telling me about different energy biz opps. Do you know what, I did not join them. I do not need to go around chasing people because We have folks calling me about my company.

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