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Make Your Own Beer Koozie

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Making your own custom beer koozie is a fun experience that not only you alone can enjoy. You can share this moment with the rest of your family members and give them the privilege to choose or select their favorite template, design and colors which are available in the online koozie store custom design maker.

There are so many ways to create a very unique koozie design and it's all up to you on what kind of method or strategy you may want to use. You can choose from hundreds of designs and templates or simply make your own design or custom print using your Photoshop software or Correl Draw. The most important thing about making your own beer koozie is to take note of the following tips that I would like to share with you.

1. Make it as unique as you can -- remember that koozies are already universal. Meaning, all of the shoppers out there are in need of custom koozies so if you would want your koozies to be something that is one of a kind, exert efforts in making it more unique and appealing. A lot of user doesn't really value the uniqueness of the koozies because its function as an item outweighs the fashion function but most of them are fond of making their koozies to look cool and more stunning.

2. Choose colors that will not overshadow the design's color -- most of us loves darker colors and if you will choose this color for the plain koozies, make sure that the designs are made up of vibrant color or you will suffer messing the whole item.

3. Simplicity is beauty -- too much is no longer good. If you wish to have an overly designed Koozies, well it is no longer encouraged since it destroys the image of the item. Just be simple and be unique.

For more information visit us at http://koozierevolution and like us at


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