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Top 10 Most Profitable Blog Topics

Top 10 Most Profitable Blog Topics by
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What are the most profitable blog topics you ask?

This is a very interesting question I think most bloggers ask themselves before starting a blog. What is the most profitable topic I can write about. Generally the answers I have come across are some variation of: Write about what you love and it will be profitable, do tons of keyword research and you will find the most competitive keywords, or even write about what you do for a living now (assuming you know a lot about it) and that way you are putting out quality content on that subject and the traffic will follow. And although these may be true, it seems to me that most people who are just looking for a list of good and possibly profitable blog topics to choose from are often let down by clever post titles and search engine marketing. I know because I have done the same searches.

The truth is, there are many profitable topics and it really comes down to the author, the frequency of posting and the quality of the articles but I still feel that anyone who wants to make a living as a blogger can!

With that said, here is MY list of the top 10 most profitable blog topics:

Make money blogging -- Who is more apt to read a blog consistently than the person trying to make a living out of it. These blogs are usually well written and the authors provide very useful content for example check out When you can pull in over $100,000 a month in adsense revenue alone, I'd say you are doing things right! Celebrity Gossip -- These guys like Perez Hilton. Hugely popular and profitable as well as recently determined to be one of the most profitable blogs on the net bringing in over $200,000 each month. Life Coaching -- This is a bit of a broad topic but I would place blogs like and in this category. These guys have done extremely well blogging and you can see why, books upon books of content as well as a loyal readership. I inspire to be just a little version on these boys. Financial Advice -- This is a given seeing as once you have a large and loyal readership you can pretty much write your own checks. I mean, these financial institutions are the ones with all the money to begin with, right! Check out A very good blog and a fantastic example. Tutorials/ How to's -- These are great niches because they can range in a great deal of topics. You can literally write about how to do anything and folks wit continue to come back often. is a good example although user generated I think it still qualifies. Technology -- Tech is a great niche/topic due to the rapidly developing nature of the industry. There will always be something to review or test and write about. You can also include "How To's" which can make for an extremely loyal readership. Check out Stocks and Trading -- Although similar to the Finance topic, this one is more from a day to day stand point as opposed to long term investment goals which will attract two totally different types of people. These blogs will generate huge traffic due to the fact the readers want to know what is going to happen today and today alone. If you know what you are talking about you can make as much blogging about trading as you can trading if thats any indication as to the amount of targeted traffic you will receive. Check out Fitness -- Fitness is a great topic because it's a lifestyle. The traffic you will receive is very loyal and will come back often for the latest and greatest trick/workout/supplement etc. Try Steve Maxwell's blog. Design -- Whether you are discussing websites or art, design is an integral part of our daily lives and there is no shortage of issues to discuss here. You blog could be full of "How To's" again as well as short tips and examples. These things really drive traffic and keep readers coming back. Check Smashing Magazine for a fantastic example. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing -- This is a huge topic that nearly every blogger or web developer on the internet is looking at. You might include the "How To's" as well as tips/tricks, general information, forums etc. All geared toward informing readers about how to increase their rankings. Like I said, VERY popular and worth looking into, and chances are if you have been blogging for a while you know a lot more about this than you thought. Try for a great example.

This list is MY opinion of the most profitable blogging topics and I know some of the topics I suggested are not really topics, but you get the point. If you are writing for money these may be a good place to start. I'd like to keep this post going with your opinions of the most profitable topics so if you blog about something obscure and do really well, let us know so I can add it to the list! Thanks everybody, Matt Http:// Original Content, Open Source Blogging, Wordpress, Money, Traffic, How to do stuff and General Self Improvement…

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