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9 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe from Heart Diseases

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Heart diseases are like silent killers, more like a time bomb which resides in you. You never know when it will explode. The explosion will, however, cause lots of casualties as you are not the only one who will be affected by heart diseases. If you really care about your family, your children and their growth, you have to make sure that you lead a healthy and fit life all through.

Such time bombs were never there when you were born, but your rotten lifestyle and bizarre habits gave it food and shelter inside you. Now you are the slave of your own situation. It is high time to break off the shackles and free yourself from this heinous villain. Using these 10 tips, you can contour your lifestyle in such a way that no heart disease will ever come near you or any one in your family.

HDL and LDL Check

Regular check up of good and bad cholesterol is always important. Ensure that you keep both these cholesterols under control. Any rise in bad cholesterol has to be lowered, while good cholesterol can be entertained as it helps fight plaque in the arteries.

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are your key to a healthy heart. Include boiled salmon and tuna in your diet so that you will receive adequate quantities of omega 3. Cook using rich olive oil as it is also a source of omega 3.

Control Your Food Intake

Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want, but avoid eating more than one serving of more than one food during your one mealtime.


Eat food rich in anti-oxidants to keep yourselves free from free radicals. There is no direct relation between anti oxidants and heart related diseases. However, they will keep your body all fresh and prevent ageing which will indirectly help you with your heart related diseases.

Control Carbs

Carbs from potatoes and rice are considered to be bad cholesterol, where as carbs from wheat and pasta etc. are considered to be good. Carbs are required in adequate amount to keep you energetic and vibrant all through the day.

Being Over Weight

Being overweight does not help at all. Try to cut down all the excess weight gained as each kilo gained in a threat to your life.

Stress Relief

Stress relief is important as studies have proved stress being directly linked to hyper tension which is a dangerous for your heart. Yoga and swimming is a good choice to reduce stress.

Working Out

Regular exercises can keep your LDL under control. Apart from ensuring good health, working out will also ensure that you keep your excess baggage out of your body. Body mechanics ergonomics training can assist you with positioning along with your workouts.


Regular visits to your nearest clinic can assess your situations properly and find out if something is really going wrong with your heart. This way you can take proper measures to counter the situation.

Ensure that all these steps are followed and you will be the owner of a healthy heart. But make sure you follow them on a regular basis.

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