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How to Make Gold Filled Jewelry

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Gold filled jewelry (also called ‘gold overlay' or ‘rolled gold plated') consists of several mechanically bonded layers. A non-precious base is covered with the outside layer of at least 10 Karat gold. Manufacturers usually mark their gold filled jewelry with fractions that show the relative amount of gold in proportion to base metal in a given piece, so you know what you buy. So decide what your priority is, the price or durability. If you want to wear the jewelry pretty often, opt for gold filled pieces. You can make gold-filled jewelry with gold-filled beads and jewelry-making supplies, which are accessible at many bead and craft stores.

Making Gold-Filled Earrings? 1. Choose a pair of beads in any color, shape, size and style that you desire. Beads are made of glass, wood, ceramic, plastic and other materials. You may even find gold-filled beads in a variety of shapes. 2. Pick up one gold-filled head pin. Push the head pin into the hole of one bead until the flattened end of the pin meets the bottom hole of the bead. 3. Allow ? of an inch of gold-filled pin to emerge from the top of the bead. Snip off any excess wire with wire cutters. 4. Curl the ? inch of wire emerging from the top of the bead downward to form a closed loop using round nosed pliers. 5. Bend open the small ring at the base of a gold-filled ear wire using flat-nosed pliers. Hook the opened ring onto the closed wire loop at the top of the bead. Close the small ring of the ear wire around the wire loop using flat-nosed pliers. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to make a matching gold-filled earring.

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