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Greetings my friends,

Are you tired of being scammed. I am. I am not just talking about making money online, or those crazy pyramid schemes. I'm talking about being scammed in life as well. Ever since I was young I was always taught that getting an education was the right way to go and that I would be able to find a good job. I'm sure I don't have to tell you but that is seriously not the case today.

I've worked many jobs in my life and I'm a hard worker as well. I would lose my jobs for crazy reasons. Here a some reasons that I think you would understand.

1.Didn't get along with managers because I didn't kiss their a**. 2.Gossiping 3.Jealousy 4.Car broke down 5.Moved away 6.treated like trash 7.treated like a number.

Trust me I've worked many jobs and I'm only 27 years old. Sometimes I felt the urge to put in 15 plus applications a day only to walk away from a couple of "computerized" managers. You know, the machines that can figure out if your the guy for the job. Honestly I got sick and tired of all of it and believe it or not it's a scam to give paying Educated college students hope of a guaranteed job. Not only that but we also have these Internet scam artists that are sucking up all other aspects of any hope making money online. Guess what, we need a solution.No . . . you need a solution. We all have our personal goals in life. We all have our dreams that we want to reach. My solution is to be my own boss no matter what. I will stand firm on my faith and my beliefs that we are not numbers. We are human's with a living and breathing dream that will come to life when we reach for them.

Dave and Dave from Empower Network have given me the opportunity not only to empower myself but others to live a free life . . . their own. I know real when I see it and these guys keep it real. From now on I am taking my life and I'm making it my own. I advise anyone who is trying to make money online see what we are all about. I can almost promise you won't be disappointed.

Keep your head up,

Christopher Peterson


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