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Knowledgeable business owners and entrepreneurs are realizing the benefits of WordPress CMS for all types of website development. When it first was developed, WordPress CMS was used exclusively for personal and business blogging. Today it is one of the most powerful platforms for websites, blogs, landing pages, sales pages, and eCommerce websites. Combination WordPress websites and blog are far superior and easier to manage than maintaining two separate sites. Once you customize Wordpress with a few plugins and web conversion modules, you can use your WordPress CMS to gain access to your market, and convert them into leads and consumers who share your message in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and through email marketing.

WordPress CMS Software Out Performs Most Other Content Management Systems

There are many CMS software options out there, but WordPress CMS features some definite advantages when it comes to flexibility and ease of use for almost any type of business. Incorporated in each installation are these crucial features and functions:

  • A media center supports unlimited pictures and optimizes files as large as 60MB. Furthermore, it accommodates video and audio files based on your server settings.
  • Create custom menus for the top, footer and sidebar areas of your site. WordPress CMS also supports several levels of navigation that automatically display as a flyout menu from the top navigation. You can edit the name of any menu item and even call it something different in a custom menu for the sidebar.
  • Produce custom widgeted sidebars and footers with built in drag and drop widgets for posts, calendar, search, pages, links, and others.
  • Create unlimited categories for posts and links and assign one or more categories to your content.
  • An easy WYSIWYG editor lets your format content for your pages and posts. Change easily from a visual to html view and enter code for embedding YouTube video or other html attributes.
  • The basic WordPress CMS installation allows you to change themes without having to re-enter any of your content.
  • Access to countless WordPress themes and plugins makes it easy to customize your WordPress CMS website and blog to match your unique requirements.
  • Permalinks, custom keyword rich URLS are integrated, making your optimized content much more accessible to Google as well as other search engines.
  • After you add posts, a built-in connection with Ping-O-Matic routinely updates various search engines. This makes your content accessible with an enhanced rank in search outcomes.

Customize WordPress for Improved Conversions from a Greatly Enhanced Visitor Experience

When you customize WordPress with plugins and web conversion modules you will be in a position to transform any page or post into a powerful landing page that will undoubtedly meet your conversion goals. Modules that show compelling content in strategic locations without the need for extreme scrolling and logically lead the visitor to a powerful and no-risk call-to-action, can be achieved through a suitable WordPress customization. You are much more likely to capture and convert visitors and turn your website into a cash cow if your developer specializes in WordPress. Be sure that your web design and development company can customize WordPress with profit generating web conversion modules and plugins. This will allow you to surpass your competition and experience your greatest online success.

Ruth Kuttler, eBusiness Expert and Marketing Strategist

Since 1999, Ruth Kuttler of WEBPUZZLEMASTER has helped entrepreneurs and businesses to dominate their marketplace through innovative web design and development, and branding and marketing based on current trends and proven practices. Our one stop services are designed to give clients a powerful online presence and marketing edge for achieving record online growth.

Expertise in WordPress development for business / corporate websites, eCommerce and affiliate marketing sets WEBPUZZLEMASTER apart from other web development companies. Exclusive WordPress modules for FAQs, video, testimonials, call-to-action tabs, and revenue generation allow for easy insertion and strategic placement of powerful content with limited scrolling on any page or blog post. Other options include Facebook fan pages fully managed through WordPress admin. Strategies to access an enormous and largely untapped market of mobile device users include mobile website conversions and responsive website themes that automatically adjust design and development for every resolution and device.

One stop branding and marketing all inclusive turnkey packages for SEO, link building, onsite blogging, article marketing, press release marketing, podcast and video syndication, social bookmarking and social media marketing let WEBPUZZLEMASTER raise the bar for achieving ultimate online success.

WEBPUZZLEMASTER publishes Winning Marketing Secrets eNewsletter and provides subscribers with a FREE bonus report called “10 Simple Secrets to Turn Your Website into a Selling Machine.” Sign up at

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