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If you are feeling lost and bewildered about how to best compete on the internet with scores of competitive websites, this article will help you to understand exactly how a custom WordPress website created from a responsive WordPress theme could be your best answer.

We will assume you have an understanding of the countless benefits of custom WordPress for your website, blog, sales landing page or eCommerce website design: affordable, quick to develop, easy integration of plugins and web conversion modules for enhanced functionality, enormous WordPress theme selections, and convenient and easy access to your market via search engine marketing.

A popular and growing trend is for more men and women to gain access to the internet through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. These consumers will swiftly search, find, bookmark and purchase from mobile friendly websites on their smart phone and post their experiences on social networking sites. But they'll skip over your site when your eCommerce website design doesn't permit them to effortlessly view content from their phone. Websites without mobile friendly designs are being missed by this expanding and unique market of mobile device buyers. The good news is that most of your rivals haven't figured it out either. This leaves you with a clear advantage if you know what to do to and act swiftly to capture this market.

Mobile Website Design can be Extremely Effective with WordPress

Essentially, there are two choices in custom WordPress development for reaching out to this exclusive market of mobile customers. Custom WordPress applies to custom created WordPress designs or more commonly, customized WordPress themes. Whenever possible, it tends to make very good sense to develop from customized themes with integrated components such as slideshows, portfolios, testimonials, block quotes, drop caps and numerous short codes for enhanced formatting of subject material. These themes can be all the more effective with integrated WordPress web conversion modules and revenue generating plugins. Two choices for WordPress mobile website design include mobile conversions and WordPress responsive themes.

Existing WordPress Sites and Mobile Conversions

This solution is ideal for an existing WordPress website that is successfully producing conversions, receiving substantial targeted traffic, and is up to date with Internet development standards. When this is the scenario, creating an alternate WordPress mobile website for display in mobile devices only, seems to make sense. The initial step in creating a mobile website design is carried out with software that converts the existing website to a format that is easily displayed in mobile devices. Typically, mobile conversions are not without their issues. Limitations of WordPress mobile conversions include:

  • As fresh content is added through the WordPress admin, accurate display and functionality must be validated in the mobile version and modifications made if necessary. This can add to the costs of maintaining an effective web presence.
  •  Short codes for unique formatting isn't supported. What this means is that some content items will not end up being accessible or display properly. To be able to see them, the visitor has to click a link that takes them to the desktop website version. From there, they're able to return to the mobile version by clicking another link.
  • Conversion buttons, phone numbers and other components may need to be added through customization.
  • Menus are shortened and don't support sub-page visibility from flyout menus. This limits the available of content to top level pages except in cases where sub-pages are manually added to the main menu.

Responsive WordPress Themes for Websites and eCommerce Website Design

Recently WordPress theme developers noticed the trend toward mobile marketing and developed an intelligent and economical alternative. Through designs that automatically adjust in dimension and display for just about any monitor resolution and device, they developed responsive themes ideal for business and corporate websites and eCommerce website design. Development utilizing responsive themes means that only one version of the website is needed. This decreases expenses and enables an enhanced visitor experience as all content displays properly on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Since responsive development is rather new however, there are a few disadvantages. Responsive theme selection is limited and elements in these themes may perhaps be somewhat restricted. But on the whole, with appropriate custom WordPress enhancements, a responsive theme for websites, blogs, revenue landing pages and eCommerce website design is a really smart strategy.  Mobile users are not the wave of the future -- they're here now and creating an enormous opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs. This trend is hot and in an explosive stage of growth. The time is now to make your website mobile ready. Then be prepared to achieve your greatest online success as you capture this market and jump way ahead of your competition.

Ruth Kuttler, eBusiness Expert and Marketing Strategist

Since 1999, Ruth Kuttler of WEBPUZZLEMASTER has helped entrepreneurs and businesses to dominate their marketplace through innovative web design and development, and branding and marketing based on current trends and proven practices. Our one stop services are designed to give clients a powerful online presence and marketing edge for achieving record online growth.

Expertise in WordPress development for business / corporate websites, eCommerce and affiliate marketing sets WEBPUZZLEMASTER apart from other web development companies. Exclusive WordPress modules for FAQs, video, testimonials, call-to-action tabs, and revenue generation allow for easy insertion and strategic placement of powerful content with limited scrolling on any page or blog post. Other options include Facebook fan pages fully managed through WordPress admin. Strategies to access an enormous and largely untapped market of mobile device users include mobile website conversions and responsive website themes that automatically adjust design and development for every resolution and device.

One stop branding and marketing all inclusive turnkey packages for SEO, link building, onsite blogging, article marketing, press release marketing, podcast and video syndication, social bookmarking and social media marketing let WEBPUZZLEMASTER raise the bar for achieving ultimate online success.

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